EroAdsController Simplifies Ad Delivery, Testing

EroAdsController Simplifies Ad Delivery, Testing

LOS ANGELES — EroAdvertising has announced an update to the EroAdsController (eaCtrl), its exclusive tool for publishers.

According to the company, this newest update gives publishers more control over how ads display on their websites and makes it easier to achieve higher monetization from a variety of proven ad formats.

“With the eaCtrl tool, publishers can create simple script calls that can place a variety of media ads in the location of their choice,” explains EroAdvertising CEO Jan Huibers. “For each ad call, publishers can control variables [such as] the type of banner and the type of traffic, all using a simple and easy format. Ads can be loaded after the page load is completed, increase page load times and improving your score with search engines.”

The eaCtrl tool can place standard banner ads, IM ads that attract attention by sliding into view, floater ads that stay in a static position even as the viewer scrolls, full page ads that take over an entire screen, and pop-under ads that remain even after a viewer leaves the publisher’s website.

“Many publishers make the mistake of using just a single type of advertisement, but not all ad types are optimal for all websites,” adds Huibers. “It’s important to try different types of ads to monitor what works best for your traffic.”

The tool also allows publishers to place In-Video ads through a plug-in that supports HTML5, JW Player, KtPlayer and FlowPlayer ads. This feature lets publishers overlay ads on top of video content, which can be a potent and effective method for monetizing traffic.

In addition to the advertisement controls, eaCtrl also gives publishers the option to bypass most “AdBlock” software, which has been gaining in popularity since the initial eaCtrl launch earlier in 2016.

“As more visitors use tools that block ads from displaying,” Huibers concludes, “bypassing these ad blockers can return a lot of money back to publishers.”

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