Male Masturbator fifi Gets Plug on

Male Masturbator fifi Gets Plug on

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The maker of the fifi male masturbator recently got a plug on funny-and-viral video-and-pic site after it published a piece on the “8 Weirdest Things Men Have Been Caught Screwing.”, however, told readers that there’s at least one sex toys out there that could be substituted for the eight examples it graphically explained. And the sex toy recommended was the fifi.

"We've enjoyed partnering with on this article,” Whizworx LLC CEO Dave Bramo told XBIZ. “It's a great fit for our brand, as we try not to take ourselves too seriously and inject humor in our advertising."

In the piece, the headlines of the "eight weirdest things men have been caught screwing" include:

  • Guy Caught Having Sex With a Toy Horse At Walmart
  • Man Caught Having Sex With a Porsche at A Dealership
  • Guy Caught Putting His Pool Noodle in a Pool Raft 4 Times
  • The Guy Who Got Caught Screwing a Couch
  • Guy Caught Banging a Picnic Table
  • Guy Caught Banging a Land Rover
  • Man Caught Having Sex With the Road
  • Man Caught Having Sex With a Bicycle in Hotel

Whizworx has been selling fifi online for more than a year at and recently teamed up with ECN and Pink Cherry for U.S. and Canadian distribution.

Whizworx now offers a fifi Sleeve Club for Men. The club offers consumers a choice of three packages including 10, 20 or 30 fifi disposable sleeves that ship directly to the consumer monthly.

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