Spirtus for Her Sets Out to Redefine Dual-Action Vibes

Spirtus for Her Sets Out to Redefine Dual-Action Vibes

LONDON — Spiritus & Co. has unveiled Spiritus for Her, “the world’s first truly dual-action vibrator.”

“This is a completely new type of sex toy, designed from scratch to take pleasure in a novel direction,” the company said. “A rabbit-style vibrator is limited to short thrusts during its dual-action, and stimulates only the middle part of the vagina. Spiritus for Her has the world’s longest dual-action length, making it equal to 420 percent and 700 percent of the length of two other popular sex toys.”

The Spirtus for Her’s unique design allows it to stimulate the whole length of the vagina using short or deep thrusts and any combination in between, the company says. The flexible arm allows the clitoral vibrator to sit over the clitoris to provide constant contact during vaginal stimulation. According to the company, the Spiritus for Her is the first female pleasure toy to offer rotatory clitoral stimulation at the same time as vaginal thrusting.

“An innovation breaks down stereotypes,” the company said. “In a rabbit-style sex toy, the clitoral vibrator is smaller than the vaginal one, despite the clitoris needing greater stimulation. The Spiritus for Her’s huge spherical clitoral stimulator is similar to the Magic Wand, and ensures a gentle touch while providing vibrations that are twice as strong as the vaginal stimulator, and thus four times stronger than the clitoral stimulator in a rabbit-style sex toy.”

The Spirtus for Her is also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, made from body-safe silicone, and offers five different modes and five vibration speeds. For more information about the Spiritus for Her, visit Spiritus.uk.com.