Screaming O Releases Colorful 'PoP Rabbit'

Screaming O Releases Colorful 'PoP Rabbit'

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O has expanded its handheld massager collection with the colorful PoP Rabbit, which is equipped with the Ohare vibrating ring’s signature True Silicone “ears.”

The PoP Rabbit features a comfortable handle, elongated neck and flexible “ears” that transfer vibration to their tips. Powered by three speeds plus pulsation, the PoP Rabbit helps users reach external erogenous zones with its angled neck and low-pitch motor strategically positioned in its bulbous head.

Its versatile shape massages sensitive areas with two pleasure options: use the soft ears for teasing stimulation or flip it around and use the smooth, rounded surface for more intense vibrating massage.

“The PoP Rabbit is so fun and versatile; it feels great on nipples, testicles, the inner thigh – essentially anywhere that responds to the sexy sensation of fingers sweeping across skin,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Its flexible ears provide gentle vibration for teasing foreplay and its smooth rounded head feels amazing in almost any sex position. A clever pairing with our proven popular Ohare couples ring, the PoP Rabbit tickles, teases and caresses with ease and gives customers a colorful and affordable new vibrator priced and packaged for optimal shelf appeal.”

The PoP Rabbit is made of firm water-resistant ABS plastic and True Silicone, two materials that have been lab-tested to ensure a quality, body-safe experience. This colorful vibe is available in Black, Grape, Kiwi Mint and Strawberry colors.

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