NakedSword Film Works Releases 10th Indie Title 'Midnight'

NakedSword Film Works Releases 10th Indie Title 'Midnight'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has announced the release of "Midnight," the 10th indie short film from the NakedSword Film Works (NSFW) division of their network.

"Midnight" follows a string of projects released since February, all of which are now playing exclusively on "the Netflix of gay porn,"

NakedSword Film Works was formed to create and/or distribute independent gay shorts and features that combine sex with experimental independent filmmaking. The latest offering "Midnight" explores what happens when a gay couple decides to experiment with an open relationship. The film stars Sean Paul Lockhart A.K.A. Brent Corrigan and provides a unique look into the complications of a modern day gay relationship.

"Midnight" is the story of Shane and Aiden, an established couple that decides to experiment with an open relationship. The film highlights the unique complications that come with that decision as the audience witnesses the consequences and aftermath as Shane and Aiden's partnership is put to the test of irreconcilable needs. "Midnight" was described as a challenging script to shoot, with only three and a half days of production that included "technically challenging dual camera live split screens" and a three minute unbroken Steadicam shot that takes the viewer through the couple's month of open experimentation.

Writer/director TR Wilkinson remarked, "One of the reasons I like to tell LGBT stories is that you can look at the connections between people in relationships where gender politics is stripped out. I think that if you told this story with a straight couple you might have one of them want to have kids and the other doesn't, because the overall idea of this piece is what happens when there's something in a relationship that can't be compromised that one of the people has to give in on —can they live with that or is it too much, and the relationship must end?

"Last year we went around the festival circuit and played to diverse audiences around the world and it was so gratifying to see people connect with the story and these characters," Wilkinson added. "When NakedSword Film Works approached us to stream the film, I was so excited to think that anyone would be able to watch the film online and have that same experience. We waited for the right time to put the film out and NSFW is such an ideal place for this story and other pieces of filmmaking that might otherwise not get seen outside of festivals. What they are doing is a great thing for both filmmakers and audiences because I think there is a hunger for stories like this that try to examine our experiences in the LGBT community, and at the same time, entertain and spark thought and discussion."

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network, said, "'Midnight' is such a relevant and wonderful addition to the NakedSword Film Works line-up on NakedSword. The film is very entertaining and thought-provoking while still being sexy. It might be one of our most relatable NSFW releases to date. We continue to be encouraged by audience reaction to the NSFW releases, and will continue to offer these unique features and shorts on a regular basis."