Perfect Fit Brand's Buck-Off Featured in Vice, Forbes

Perfect Fit Brand's Buck-Off Featured in Vice, Forbes

FT. LAUDERLALE, Fla. — The Buck-Off, a masturbator that Perfect Fit Brand developed with female-to-male adult star and human rights activist Buck Angel, has been featured in articles in,,, and

Released earlier this month, the Buck-Off is described by Perfect Fit Brand as “the world’s first pleasure product specifically geared for the FTM market.”

“This is something I have been working on for years," Angel said, "and (I) have approached many companies within the adult world only to be told, ‘There is no market.’ (But Perfect Fit) saw this as an important product not only for the pleasure products world, but also, because it acknowledges that trans men are valued enough to have their own adult toy.”

The article, posted on Sept. 23, was written by Angel himself. In his article, Angel estimated that "around 90 percent of trans men around the world” have not opted for “bottom surgery,” meaning that they still have vaginas. 

“I’m really hoping to use the Buck-Off to start conversations outside of the trans male community as well to create larger awareness of trans male bodies and their specific needs,” Angel wrote in “This is important not only for us, but for our potential partners, teachers, health care providers and legislators.”

In, Neil McArthur wrote, “The Buck-Off is designed for people who are taking, or have taken, testosterone as part of their FTM transition, which often has the effect of enlarging their genitals. While the Buck-Off resembles other masturbation sleeves in its basic design, there are two key differences: it's shorter and wider than other sleeves and can create suction. That allows trans men to masturbate more easily — and also, helps to curb gender dysphoria that might arise in the use of other toys.”

In a article, Janet Burns wrote, “The Buck-Off was designed to feel as natural as it does orgasmic for trans men, who may understandably find that the vast world of predominantly cisgender-styled, determinedly ‘his’ or ‘hers’-type sex toys offers slim pickings."'s Michael Musto, formerly of The Village Voice, wrote, "Trans men have a sexy new accessory to play with.....So come on, men: join the clitterati and get to it."'s Sara Coughlin wrote, "Even as the sex toy market continues to expand, there remain a few vital firsts for the industry to tackle. This week, with the arrival of the Buck-Off, trans men now have the first sex toy they can call their own."

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