Adult Empire Unlimited Marks Milestone With 200K Scenes

Adult Empire Unlimited Marks Milestone With 200K Scenes

PITTSBURGH — Adult Empire has marked its latest milestone, as it now offers its Adult Empire Unlimited members 200,000 scenes and 45,000 movies via its streaming platform.

“200,000 scenes is quite the milestone and such a massive library of content,” said Adult Empire’s Director of Marketing, Megan Wozniak. “We wanted to showcase to purveyors of porn how much that truly is.”

Wozniak says that Adult Empire Unlimited has been called “the Netflix of Porn,” with an unmatched range of adult content available via the site’s user-friendly interface and navigation, and its extensive catalog adding up to a staggering 56,881 gigabytes of porn — with new content added daily.

“If you were to stream nonstop on Unlimited, you wouldn’t run out of new scenes for ten years!  All this for just as little as $12.50 a month,” said Wozniak, adding that if all the scenes were converted to 35mm film, the length of the celluloid strips would equal more than 115,000 miles or enough to wrap 4.6 times around the circumference of the Earth.

Adult Empire credits Unlimited’s continued growth to high-quality content and extras (including movie screenshots, trailers, and previews), providing excellent customer service and consistently evolving with fans’ tastes, desires, and technological preferences in an effort to encourage them to pay for their porn.

“We at Adult Empire fully support the #P4YP movement,” Wozniak adds. “[We]  appreciate our customers who support it as well.”