XBIZ Announces 2nd Annual RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala

XBIZ Announces 2nd Annual RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala

LOS ANGELES — On Wednesday, Nov. 16, XBIZ will host its second annual adult talent appreciation gala, RISE, giving thanks to the lifeblood of the industry with an intimate feast.

Hosted by Penthouse owner Kelly Holland — whose inspiring words struck powerful chords at last year’s filled-to-capacity event — RISE will feature a grand unveiling of the 2017 XBIZ Awards nominees, as well as a heartfelt celebration of the Free Speech Coalition’s 25th anniversary. Also taking the stage to share its mission for improving the experiences of the talent community, will be the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

“The great legacy of Bob Guccione and Penthouse has always been his love of beautiful women, his belief in the nude image of a woman as art and his complete understanding that the most important thing in our business is the talent,” Holland said. “I understand that as well, and that’s why I’m honored to host RISE. This is the time to honor and thank the incredible stars who are the center of our galaxy.”

As autumn dapples the L.A. cityscape with sunset-hued leaves, RISE will pay homage to that which is evergreen in the biz — the talent. Every studio, producer, director, agency, publicist, media outlet, website and distribution network in adult owes their very existence to the passionate performances of these stars.

That is why, with deepest gratitude, XBIZ hosts the only yearly event dedicated to channeling the Thanksgiving spirit in their honor. For without the unique personalities, devoted social media followings and tireless work ethic of newcomers and veterans alike, the industry would be a derelict ghost town. And, one of the most critical organizations battling on behalf of talent rights is the Free Speech Coalition, whose valiant efforts help thwart the ceaseless onslaught of anti-porn legislation, lest our liberties be imperiled.

"It is an honor and a pleasure to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FSC at an event that is also dedicated to the very workers and talent that the adult entertainment industry is based on,” said FSC president Eric Leue. "This year, more than ever, we stand united for and with each other. Let us celebrate how far we have come and how much further we will go, together."

APAC chairperson Chanel Preston enthused, "APAC is happy to be a part of RISE once again. We are grateful that XBIZ has created an event that recognizes and supports talent and we hope to see many of them there that evening."

Stay tuned to XBIZ.com for more details on this year’s RISE adult talent appreciation gala.