Shots Adds Joost Hensen for Business Development Role

Shots Adds Joost Hensen for Business Development Role

BENEDEN LEEUWEN, The Netherlands — Shots has hired Joost Hensen for the newly added position of business development executive.

“All of Shots’ activities have been expanding rapidly over the last period, caused by the establishment of the American division but also the continuous growth, even after 20 years, of the European markets,” the company said. “Because of the fact that, even though he wished he could, Oscar Heijnen can’t be in two places at the same time, the need for additional management knowledge and expertise at the headquarters in Beneden Leeuwen, has arisen.”

Hensen left his position at Mister B in mid-July after two and a half years.

In the capacity of business development executive, Hensen will be responsible for the creation of growth. He will be looking for new markets and distribution channels, research of new products, services and client support development, as well as the analyzing of possible joint ventures concepts or acquisition of other companies will be a part of his task.

In connection with the above he will research collaboration possibilities with other companies or brands in order to develop synergy advantages for the existing and new clientele. He will also represent Oscar Heijnen while he is away on (business) trips.