TransSensual Unveils 'Transition,' With Mercedes Carrera's 1st TS Scenes

TransSensual Unveils 'Transition,' With Mercedes Carrera's 1st TS Scenes

MONTREAL — TransSensual has announced the release of writer/director Nica Noelle's "Transition," starring River Stark in an erotic drama that parallels the TS performer's real-life MTF transition.

Slated for release in October, "Transition" also stars Mercedes Carrera and Erica Lauren — in their debut TS scenes — alongside Aspen Brooks and Roman Todd. A trailer for the title is available exclusively at Mile High Media’s blog.

"'Transition' mirrors TS star River Stark's real life and I’m thrilled she worked with us to tell this compelling story that deals with a transitioning trans person and how it affects their relationships," Noelle said. “It was both Mercedes and Erica Lauren's first time working with TS performers — they were both enthusiastic to be a part of this and it shines through in their scenes. It is such a unique and important film and everyone contributed so much.”

Carrera remarked, "I am elated to be a part of this magnificent feature, directed by the effervescently talented and wonderfully visionary director Nica Noelle, and costarring River Stark, Aspen Brooks and Erica Lauren. It is such an honor and privilege to be part of a film that is not only groundbreaking, but also a true homage to the challenges faced by trans women in a variety of ways as they seek acceptance while being who they truly are. This movie also celebrates love and the transcendence of the human spirit as it is found in a variety of sexual orientations and authenticity of being."

Stark stated, “Everything fell in its place with this film. Mercedes and I got to work on something meaningful that went beyond just bodies coming together on camera; thankfully it involved a lot of other equally dedicated people. I believe Nica’s amazing directing allowed pieces to shuffle and fall in the right order to give everyone involved an immense sense of ownership in what we were creating, which you don't see a lot of in what we do.

“I feel like that all culminated in the naming of the film itself," she added. "The title ‘Transition’ came up, and it just made sense. For me it meant a few different things. It was a social and medical transition of a character in a film; transition of a soldier from battle to civilian life; a transition away from the narrative that sex workers are exploited drones; a transition from the stigma that stands between trans people and mainstream porn; a transition away from casting cisgender [non-trans] people as trans people, and so on. The first time I heard the film's name I was all about it, as was the case with the entire film. It has definitely turned into one of the best projects I’ve been apart of and something I plan on doing more of in future work.” 

When soldier James (River Stark) goes off to war, devoted wife Angie (Mercedes Carrera) spends her days awaiting his return. But when James is unexpectedly discharged, Angie finds that the person who comes home to her is not the same man who left. In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to sex with a TS woman, while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Erica Lauren). Whether their love can survive the 'Transition' is uncertain.

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