Fresh Off Contract, Eva Lovia Now Booking as Free Agent

Fresh Off Contract, Eva Lovia Now Booking as Free Agent

VENICE, Calif. — Eva Lovia has announced she is once again a free woman, now that her exclusive Digital Playground contract has ended, allowing her to get back in the game and work with new people.

Within hours, Lovia says she was booked for several upcoming roles, as word began to spread and directors hastened to add her to their next projects. “I’m grateful to be on my own again,” she confided. “While I enjoyed my time with Digital Playground, I’ve been itching to try some new things and to work with other directors. I’m finally going to get the chance to do just that. I’m so excited!”

When Lovia accepted a contract from Digital Playground, she had only a handful of scenes under her belt. The exclusivity agreement limited the type of scenes she could ultimately perform and segregated her from other performers not being hired by the company. Now that she is no longer under contract, Lovia is looking forward to experimenting with new types of scenes and working with a list of performers she has always admired.

“Being under contract has been great,” Lovia added. "But I can honestly say that I am thrilled about what lies ahead. There are so many amazing performers I’d like to do scenes with and now I can. I’m looking forward to giving them the best scenes of my career so far!”

Directors and producers looking to hire Lovia before her schedule fills up can contact her directly at

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