Kimber Haven in 'Charlie's Angels' Parody 'Dogg's Angels'

LOS ANGELES — Trans performer Kimber Haven is featured in “Dogg’s Angels,” an adult parody of the hit 1970s television program “Charlie’s Angels.” 

Haven wrote and co-directed the film with B. Dogg. “Dogg’s Angels” also features Raven Roxx and Lana Heart.

“Dogg’s Angels” is only available on Haven’s official website,, powered by ModelCentro. It will be posted as four scenes, with the first scene available today.

A spokesperson for Haven said, “The intro to ‘Dogg’s Angels’ is a familiar one with a modern twist with narration by B Dogg, who’s the modern-day Charlie in the film: once there were three different little trannys. They all had their own personalities and became unique in their own way. Raven Roxx has a race car and totes a machine gun, Kimber is a bimbo working at a strip club, and Lana Heart is an explosives expert who beats up boys.”

Other performers featured in “Dogg’s Angels” include Thor Johnson, who plays an arms dealer, cis model Kat Steele, and Donovan Longwood. “Dogg’s Angel’s” ends with a cliffhanger to prepare viewers for the next installment. 

“We had an amazing time making ‘Dogg’s Angels,’ from the acting to the action to the sex,” Haven said. “We tried to make it look like the original TV show with the logo featuring three female silhouettes with guns and an explosive background, Dogg’s narration — and that you never see his face — and the way the capers were laid out and all came together as a plan. This is my first parody, and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out.”

The second scene will be posted on Tuesday, Sep. 13, the third scene will go live on Friday, Sept. 16, and the final scene will premiere on Tuesday, Sep. 19. The movie will be available via VOD.

For more information on Haven, follow her on Twitter.