IMTOY Releases Zoo Collection

IMTOY Releases Zoo Collection

LOS ANGELES — IMTOY has announced the upcoming release of its new Zoo Collection at the SHE Expo in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Sep. 24.

According to the company, IMTOY’s Zoo Collection promises to unleash a user’s inner animal with a range of intimate toys for women, men and couples.

“The spotlight has shifted from individual animal heroes to a veritable safari through sensuality, where every need and whim — from those of the curiously playful sex kitten to those with more ravenous appetites — can be teased, titillated and satisfied,” explains an IMTOY rep. “Engineered from premium silken silicon with a durable tungsten alloy motor for wickedly powerful play, the Zoo’s true primal allure lies in the innovative Zoo app, which allows for infinite variation and personalization with only one device.”

The Zoo Collection’s simple, intuitive app interacts with films, music and voices, to offer limitless variety to its 16 vibration patterns, and allows users to create their own signature vibrations for the cotton candy-hued, magnetic- and USB-chargeable line of vibrators and strokers that IMTOY CEO Johnny Jiang calls “as endurable as [they are] adorable.”

“The gentle contoured curves offer elegant takes on iconic shapes, [such as] the Giraffe — ergonometric and perfect in its simplicity — or the Rhinoceros with its curved G-spot-seeking tip and external ‘horn’ for direct clitoral stimulation,” Jiang says. “The Gazelle shape’s adaptable head offers the option of a toy that can offer double-pronged clitoral attention without sacrificing the satisfying weightiness of the vibrator, while the Whale with its bulbous head is a sneaky sidekick, carefully crafted for both direct clitoral and G-spot stimulation.”

The smartphone-powered app puts the power over all Zoo devices (and users) in the hands of whoever is holding the phone, making partnered play possible with all toys in the Zoo range.

“Solo or synced, on the tamest setting or wild and unrestrained, an exploration of the Zoo range is in keeping with IMTOY’s tagline of ‘Your journey to intimacy,’” the rep concludes, adding, “As the company journeys into new markets, it’s one that the adult industry will undoubtedly be following closely.”