Xgen Adds New Lapdance Jewelry

Xgen Adds New Lapdance Jewelry

HORSHAM, Pa. — Lapdance has added 18 new styles of jewelry to its collection that are now shipping from Xgen Products.

The 18 new styles are of the bodychain variety and are packaged for easy in-store display.

“These new styles are a great compliment to the previously released Lapdance Jewelry items,” said Andy Green, president of Xgen Products. “They are the perfect year-round add-on accessory for customers who are already interested in purchasing Lapdance Lingerie, shoes, or pantyhose.”

Some of the new styles include a classic bodychain, bellychain, bodychain with pearls, infinity bodychain, and onyx butterfly bodychain. The Lapdance collection also includes club wear, lingerie, shoes and accessories.

For more information, visit XGenProducts.com, call (877) 450-9436 or email sales@xgenproducts.com.