WankzVR Releases Latest Title, 'Roommate Rebound'

WankzVR Releases Latest Title, 'Roommate Rebound'

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced today’s releases of its latest virtual reality title, “Roommate Rebound,” featuring Zoey Monroe, Megan Sage, and Bruce Venture as the viewer’s avatar.

According to Jack from WankzVR, with VR porn, users are looking for a more complete erotic experience than just the straight-forward gonzo approach that traditional porn has adhered to — something that WankzVR editor Teekay agrees with.

“With VR porn, we’re seeing that successful titles, the ones that fans really gravitate to, are scenes with a cohesive story and an intriguing lead-up to the sex,” Teekay explains. “Since everything takes place from the viewer’s perspective, having a creative story is not only crucial but expected in VR, whereas in 2D porn, the plot is often just seen as a cheesy afterthought.”

Teekay says that VR users are physically, and to a certain extent, emotionally invested in these scenes.

“They will watch [VR porn] from start to finish as opposed to most traditional porn nowadays where people just skip through to their favorite parts,” Teekay added. “This is why creating an interesting set-up is so important. You need to draw in the viewer and keep them engaged.”

“Users expect to be drawn into a scene and all of that starts with a convincing story and performers who can pull it off,” Teekay concludes. “It doesn’t have to be ‘Citizen Kane,’ but it’s got to be good enough to fuel the fantasy or else what is the point?”

Fans can follow Monroe and Sage on Twitter.