Shots Expands Marketing Campaign for Vive

Shots Expands Marketing Campaign for Vive

AMSTERDAM — Shots has expanded their marketing campaign for the Vive line of pleasure products with new video materials and photos.

“The new videos provide extra information about the toys,” a Shots representative said. “They clarify all the features and give a slick and clean overview of what the toys look like. The videos can be used in-store to attract customers, or they can be added to the product page on the dedicated websites. They are self-explanatory, so the consumers will experience the toys even without physically touching or seeing them.”

Shots said that Vive “has gotten a lot of compliments for her marketing campaign and received various nominations and awards for it.” And the new video materials, according to Shots, take their’ Vive promotions to the next level.

“For the images, they have used a unique location and a professional model to create the new marketing materials for Vive in cooperation with their own in-house design crew,” a Shots representative said. “The results represent exactly what the products are all about and will compliment the toys' appealing designs.”

Shots said that all the new Vive-related materials are now available in the Shots image bank. 

“If there is a preference for some more customized materials, clients are always welcome to contact their sales manager,” Shots said.

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