WankzVR Releases Newest Title

WankzVR Releases Newest Title

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced today’s release of its latest title, “Game. Set. Fuck.

This latest foray into the growing field of virtual reality porn features Skyler Nicole and Romeo Price depicting a sports writer (the VR user) interviewing a sexy tennis champ, when things take a detour.

“Game. Set. Fuck.” is Skyler Nicole’s VR debut.

“When I was booked for my VR scene, I had no idea how this would even work,” Nicole notes. “It was very fun and the WankzVR team was so sweet with guiding me into making the best experience.”

For her part, Nicole enjoyed working with co-star Romeo Price.

“He is so charming. Why can’t I shoot with him more often?” Nicole asks, explaining, “Now I can totally see why VR is such a personal experience for the fans. It’s way more realistic than anything that’s out there, which is very important.”

According to Jack from WankzVR, due to its immersive POV-centric shooting style, VR porn presents new challenges to porn performers, especially female performers.

“VR actions [such as] kissing are completely new territory, and require female performers to simulate a kiss in the ‘sweet spot’ zone in front of the VR camera rig,” Jack explains. “The learning process can be somewhat awkward, if not altogether hilarious for porn stars new to VR shooting.”

Nicole agrees, revealing her first impressions of acting out VR kissing scenes.

“Kissing empty air was so weird at first and made me laugh, but blush all the same time. It kind of reminded me of when I would practice kissing for the boy I liked back in school,” Nicole says. “VR porn itself is so new, the way you make it is not your normal porn, so doing it set-by-set made it a lot easier.”

Fans can follow Skyler Nicole and WankzVR on Twitter @MissSkylerXXX and @WankzVR.