Q&A: Chanell Heart Takes the Cake

Q&A: Chanell Heart Takes the Cake

LOS ANGELES — Cake. Chanell Heart has cake for days, for months… for eons.

Lather it in girl/girl syrup, cover it with sugary boy/girl frosting or dunk it in a gangbang of gumballs, because she can take all 31 flavors with a smile sweeter than Cinnabun cinnamon.

Every caramel caress, deepthroat dessert and apple bottom anal sends fans into an orgasmic flurry, with more banana nut creaming than a sundae McFlurry. And they’ll keep coming for seconds, thirds, fourths and Hennessy fifths of that savory sexual healing, singing “hallelujah” louder than a Sunday choir. Goddamn. I think I’ve got a Candy Crush.

See, when she whipped up her debut anal scene, Heart made XXX history as the first-ever black girl for Tushy.com, smoldering like warm butterscotch on the cover of five-star director Greg Lansky’s “Art of Anal Sex 3.” Art, indeed. 

In fact, no matter the title, she squeals and wriggles unabashedly, devouring mannish popsicles and girlish pies — whether it’s vanilla, tofu or dulce de leche, she will happily ask for s’more of that interracial or black-on-black double chocolate chip.

Wrap her in a bow or dress her in red velvet lingerie, she’ll have you howling for that cherry mocha delight. You’ll get so baked, the only thing higher than the temperature will be you.

XBIZ sank its teeth into this delectable Heart tart, during a mouth-watering interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about your early days in porn. What inspired you to pursue a career as an adult performer, and how have your ambitions changed over the years?

Chanell Heart: What inspired me to do porn was pretty much the freedom that I felt like porn gave women. It was this kind of self-empowering, self-employment. You control your own career, you get to do your own thing and guess what? I’m young, I’m hot and I like having sex! So, I felt like porn was a good fit for me and it gave me a chance to start over in a way. Some of my early experiences, my first few scenes at 19 years old, were for Reality Kings — BlackGFs.com and RoundandBrown.com. It was really awesome. I had a female director, both times, her name is Kat, she passed away, but she was an amazing Reality Kings director. I worked with Clover the first time and the second time with a guy who wasn’t really known, but it was still a really good scene. I remember being nervous, had a little bit of the jitters. At first, porn just seemed like something I wanted to experience, to see if it was a good fit for me.

And when I first got into porn, I was really hell-bent on making this a career. I wanted to be popular. I wanted to have the best stuff. And I think over time I got a little bit more mature. But then I was like, okay, I have to have a backup plan, in case things don’t go so well. So, I decided to go back to college. I’m majoring in communications studies. I chose that major after changing it from journalism to communications studies, because I felt like I wanted to know how to talk to people and communicate more. So, I made sure I took public speaking classes and a little bit of sociology, so I can know more about people. I also make time for working on things that I really love, which I can do because porn gives me the ability to set my own schedule. I have more time to write, rollerblade and have fun.

As far as writing, I mostly write fantasy stories — I like making up my own worlds, writing dark fiction with vampires, werewolves and all the creepy stuff that you can think of, haha. Just because, I feel like it brings me to a different place, you know? It allows me to live in this imaginary world of mine and explore my inner self.  And, I’m working on a comic book that’s going to be based off of porn stars, but they’re going to be like demonic succubi that kill men, and they’re really seductive. I’m going to self-publish it, because honestly I want to do everything by myself. Being in porn has made me want to be super controlling over everything I got going on, haha. So, between porn and college, I want to do a balance of both. I see my personal brand, Chanell Heart, growing more and more and I want to use my education to basically take it to the next level.

XBIZ: Any mentors who have influenced you in the biz? Also, which studios, directors and peers have pushed you to elevate your game the most?

Heart: Misty Stone was a huge influence on my career. Before I actually moved out to California, I reached out to Misty because I wanted her insight. She’s popular and I was like, I want to know somebody who actually knows what is going on inside the business. And she was so humble and gracious! She kind of just became the biggest part of my life. I didn’t know we would end up being such good friends — I mean, she’s one of my best friends, and that’s big because L.A. is a scary place. So, Misty was pretty much the main one who influenced me. Also, I’ve basically been with the same agent, Corey from 360 Models, who has been a big part of my career. He sees my vision and the things that I want, so we’re able to go for it together. He believes in me. And listen, one thing I have learned is that the world revolves around money, especially when it comes to business. So long as you can keep it respectful and not shady, then we’re good. I want everybody to make a check.

As far as studios and directors, within the past year, I’ve had an opportunity to work with some of the best in the biz, you know, like Mason from Hard X — she directed me in “Black Bombshells.” And, I feel like certain directors want a certain product, and they will address you in a certain way. I love that, when a person has a vision. I feel like Mason had a vision for me and I loved it. Also, Greg Lansky from Tushy — I was the first black girl on Tushy.com and I’m going to say that, because I think that was a big deal. So awesome! Throughout the whole experience, he believed in me. I was so nervous about it. I’m like “fuck” because I wasn’t planning to do anal for a while, but when I got the opportunity to do it for Lansky? Of course! This is somebody who I’ve worked for before, at Reality Kings where he had directed two scenes of mine, so I was comfortable doing this for him. It was really awesome. 

Also, a lot of the smaller studios and directors have pushed me too. Like Mike Quasar, I work for him all the time. He’s hilarious. He has such a great attitude; just on set and all day long, his energy and mine mesh so well. I’m just like “this works Mike, this works!” So, it’s awesome when you meet directors like that, people that are just easy to work with, who’re not just a pain in the ass. He’s always pushed me and helped me get box covers and stuff. So, shout out to Mike! Also, I’ve done some BDSM work, which has been cool, with Kink.com. And I feel like Kink has done a really good job by kind of pushing me forward and it opened up my fan base as well. So now, I got some kinky followers, and it also taught me some stuff about myself sexually that I like. You know? Recently, I did a shoot for Electro Sluts with Chanel Preston. It’s like, Chanel and Chanell, and it is so intense. She’s so mean! And, she’s sexy. Her pussy was on my face and it was the best visual ever, this beautiful woman with these great tits and this little bush. I’m like “oh my god this is so pretty!”

XBIZ: You did your first anal scene for Tushy’s “Art of Anal Sex 3.” What was it like hitting that milestone, scoring the cover and being directed by such an influential figure like Greg Lansky?

Heart: My first anal scene for Tushy was a big fucking deal. It just was. I was at home one day and my agent called to offer me this great opportunity. Corey’s like “Greg is interested in your first anal, you know, would you like to do it?” I’m like “yeah, I definitely want to be worth it, if I do it!” I mean, I waited two and a half years for it. I don’t even know why I was waiting, but I kind of just wanted to be a bigger star beforehand. Doing it for Greg, I’m like “okay, that pushes it.” That was a huge deal, the first black starlet on Tushy. So, I was super nervous, but everybody had such faith in me — like, everybody from the production assistant and beyond, on Greg’s set, was amazing to me. Everyone was so cool, calm and collected, that they definitely helped with all my nervousness. And when I got the cover, I’m like “oh my gosh” and there were awesome girls in the movie, which was scary! Like, A.J. Applegate is an anal goddess, and Luna Star’s there too. Like damn, this is pressure. And scoring the cover is bringing me so many opportunities, which is pretty much why we’re sitting here today. Thank you Greg! Thank you Tushy! I’m so grateful. Like, they’re awesome.

XBIZ: What’s next for you in the adult industry, as far as onscreen firsts, websites, sex toys or other revenue streams?

Heart: I guess my next onscreen first will be double penetration. That’s really taking a leap, so I think I’m going to hold off for a couple more months for that. I’m still promoting my first anal with Tushy. As far as a website, I’m not interested in having a website. It’s a lot of work and a lot of girls don’t really see the profit from it. They’re putting all this money and energy into it, and half the time it’s not even making that much money. I’ve also been through it with a webmaster who kind of stole my content and then sold it for like 15 bucks. I’d like to get into sex toys later on, though. I’d like to have the opportunity to create an awesome vibrator or a toy to stimulate the women — because us having orgasms is way more important than guys, sorry! I would also love to be a sex educator, making women more comfortable with themselves and their sexuality.

After I graduate college I’m just going to keep going. My life is not really based upon actual plans, because we know when we try to plan things, life happens. I want to go all the way, get a master’s degree. My bachelor’s will be finished in roughly three years. I started college for early education and child development, and then I decided I want to do porn! So, I have a whole two semesters that were pretty much wasted on early education. Now, I’m just living for the moment and setting small goals. As I achieve them, I set more, and that’s been working so far. In the meanwhile I’m saving up money — I paid off my car and I’m trying to buy property at some point. I’m 23 right now, but that’s the thing… I’m still young and I’m figuring out exactly where I want to be at for the rest of my life. In the meanwhile, I'm super dedicated to porn! Bring it on.