Pink and White Productions Joins #NoProp60 Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink and White Productions has joined in support of the adult industry's workers by updating its membership site and VOD site with banner announcements promoting the campaign opposing Proposition 60, slated for the California election ballot this November. The San Francisco-based company amplifies efforts made by trade associations the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and Adult Performer Advocacy Committee by informing site visitors: #NoProp60.

Company web developer Chris Lowrance said, "We decided on some simple-to-implement, unobtrusive messages: a one-time, dismissible popup on our home pages, and a graphic at the end of our trailers and videos.”

These updates, Lowrance said, support workers' efforts to inform the voting public without prohibiting sales and "will definitely spread the word without annoying visitors. We believe our customers will remember it come November.”

Proposition 60, Pink and White Productions said, “negatively impacts adult film workers and in particular, marginalized and 'niche' workers, including people of color, women, queer and trans individuals who are most vulnerable to harassment.“

Such laws, Pink and White Productions said, “are not unfamiliar to LGBTQ community.”

Lowrance, who works remotely from home in North Carolina, said, "Our state legislature passed HB1, the ‘Bathroom Bill’ that targets trans people. The bathroom aspect was just political cover; the bulk of the bill destroyed anti-discrimination ordinances in housing and the workplace. Prop 60 is very similar, using the condoms argument to cover laws that will destroy independent studios and enable the legal harassment of performers. Here at home, businesses speaking out in favor of LGBTQ rights and against HB1 are having a major impact."

Pink and White Productions said that whereas HB1 was passed by the North Carolina state legislature, California may have a chance to prevent Proposition 60 from passing.

"California is in a better position,” Lowrance said. “Prop 60 is in the hands of voters. Businesses like ours have a chance to educate them about Prop 60's harm and prevent it from becoming law."

In addition to promoting the #NoProp60 campaign on their websites through Nov. 8, Pink and White Productions have also released the PSA video series “Adult Performers Talk Safer Sex,” discussing safer sex practices on and off the set. 

Pink and White Productions were represented at CalOSHA last week, recommending the Standards Committee adopt Petition 560 — a comprehensive health guideline providing performers access to a larger and more up-to-date array of safer sex methods. Through these and other efforts, the company aims to encourage performers' agency within sexual health.

The company encourages adult paysites and tube sites to join in supporting industry workers through the #NoProp60 campaign.

For more information about Proposition 60, Pink and White Productions recommends visiting and contacting representatives at the Free Speech Coalition and the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

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