Aidra Fox Featured in WankzVR's 'Harley's Fun House'

Aidra Fox Featured in WankzVR's 'Harley's Fun House'

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced the release of its latest adult virtual reality title, “Harley’s Fun House,” featuring Aidra Fox.

According to WankzVR’s Jack T., the title coincides with the premiere of the highly anticipated comic book movie, “Suicide Squad,” which brings the adventures of sexy Harley Quinn to the big screen — making a great opportunity for WankzVR to release its own twisted VR porn parody.

“It’s no secret that the marketing team behind ‘Suicide Squad’ heavily relied on Margot Robbie’s sexed up portrayal of Harley Quinn to drum up interest for the film in the trailers leading up to its release,” says Jack T. “Now with WankzVR’s ‘Harley’s Fun House,’ VR users can finally satisfy their fantasies of virtual sex with the sexy, deranged super-villain.”

“Harley’s Fun House” opens up with VR users finding themselves being tied up with rope and a mask over their face, with Aidra Fox’s Harley Quinn taking a few swings at the viewer’s face with her baseball bat while the helpless viewer is tied up in a chair.

“My vision was to have the scene be a little darker as far as mood and begin with a focus on your auditory senses,” WankzVR’s lead video editor, TeeKay, explains. “You start off blindfolded with material you can barely see through and can only hear Harley whispering in your ears and walking around you in her heels for the first two minutes.”

“I wanted to overload your auditory senses right off the bat so you could feel disoriented, as if you were just coming to, and have no idea where you are or what’s happening. You just let Aidra do what she does best and hang on for the ride,” TeeKay says. “It’s both sexy and terrifying at the same time. We’ve never done anything like it before.”

The WankzVR team applauded Fox’s performance in the scene.

“Aidra Fox does a stellar job playing the character, capturing both the cute and crazy sides of Harley. Her outfit looks especially great, with her top just barely reaching her nipples. This has definitely fulfilled a fantasy that I’ve had, and I’m sure others have as well,” TeeKay adds. “We’re excited to unleash this VR experience on the world, and I think it’s the best cosplay-themed scene we’ve shot to date!”

With any parody, the right casting is crucial.

“Aidra has always been into cosplay and these superhero/super-villain characters. She definitely knew the character and was able to bring mannerisms and ad-libs that fit Harley Quinn. I thought it was a great casting choice,” Jack T. concludes. “She didn’t go overboard with the Brooklyn accent, but would say certain phrases and words with Harley’s trademark flair. Margot Robbie didn’t go hard with an accent in her version, so Aidra is in-between her and the cartoon character. Some might have thought there were better choices for the role, but Aidra kills it.”

“Harley’s Fun House” releases today.