TrafficHaus Expands Portfolio With Exclusive 4Tube Mobile Pops

TrafficHaus Expands Portfolio With Exclusive 4Tube Mobile Pops

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has announced that it has recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights for all of 4Tube’s millions of mobile pop-under, header and footer ad impressions.

According to TrafficHaus, 60 percent of this traffic is search based and directs, from a growing list of regions, allowing for robust geo-targeting and low rates.

Promoters of cam and dating products will find Tier 1 English-speaking mobile users, with pop traffic now available at less than $2.50 CPM and ample volume in the TrafficHaus bidding platform, as well as other open zones for easy testing and re-testing.

For example, with 250k mobile pops per day, TrafficHaus offers CPMs on 4Tube traffic ranging from 50¢ for Tier 3 to $2.25 for Tier 1, while 1.4M daily 300x250 mobile footer impressions can be had starting at 11¢ for Tier 1 down to 4¢ for Tier 3.

650k daily mobile 300x100 under-video ads appearing on video pages only (white label approved), can be had starting at 12¢ CPM for Tier 1, down to 5¢ for Tier 3.

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