Jessica Drake Enjoys Rousing Ovation After Lecture at UCLA

LOS ANGELES — Sex educator and Wicked Pictures contract performer jessica drake received a rousing ovation from students after addressing a human sexuality class at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on Aug. 11. 

“It wasn’t too long ago that many in our ‘sex-positive’ community wondered how I could be taken seriously as a public speaker on sex education,” drake said. “After speaking to this class, I am very happy and filled with gratitude for the support from students who truly see the value in the discussion of healthy sex and the importance of consent.”

The creator of the “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” series shared her views on sex, pleasure, better communication and consent between adults during her guest lecture for a course taught by UCLA instructor David Frederick.

Frederick said, “jessica was fantastic. I always do a little jump for joy when she is coming because she is an engaging and thoughtful presenter who really knows how to keep students’ attention. She discussed consent, communication and pleasure in sex education — topics which were both welcome and necessary. There is a definite call for available sex education, and jessica is in a unique position to respond with equal parts understanding, compassion, education and experience.”

With consent a major topic on college campuses where sexual assaults have been on the rise, drake delivered a message of support and empowerment for those who deal with unwanted attention and aggressive advances. During her two-hour presentation, drake urged caution and sensitivity towards anyone who has not consented to sex while encouraging everyone to assert their ability to refuse or consent to sex. 

“Young people have been under a lot of pressure to have sex, and it’s important to speak out and remind everyone that no means no,” drake said. “Sex can be an amazing experience when it’s consensual and communicated in a healthy and nurturing environment. Bringing this positive message of acceptance and experimentation to students who may not have a lot of experience or resources is especially gratifying.” 

Steve Orenstein, owner and CEO of Wicked Pictures, said, “jessica is a great ambassador for sexual wellness and sex education as seen in our acclaimed ‘jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.’ Her passion and dedication to helping others through her message of sexual wellness and female empowerment echoed throughout the UCLA campus. We’re extremely proud of jessica and her work.”

The leading instructional sex series from Wicked Pictures, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” features drake as creator, director and producer and takes viewers through a variety of sexually explicit topics.

Drake is a highly sought-after speaker who has lectured at universities, seminars, and workshops around the world with her message of sexual wellness and the importance of a healthy relationship through a mutually satisfying love life. 

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