Circa Spotlights Penthouse's Kelly Holland

Circa Spotlights Penthouse's Kelly Holland

LOS ANGELES — Circa writer Stephanie Abrams spotlighted Penthouse owner Kelly Holland via an article titled "New Penthouse owner Kelly Holland calls herself a feminist pornographer."

In the piece, which includes several photos and videos, Abrams examines how Holland plans to "cater to her growing female audience."

First delving into her early career, Holland shared that she once documented war zones in Central America, long before she transitioned to directing porn in 1994. And, her initial fears about women being "exploited" in the biz were swiftly allayed once she got to know them.

"These women were unapologetic for their sexuality and inspired me to share their message with other feminists," Holland stated.

She then delineated the future of VR porn, where Penthouse is fully committed to becoming an industry leader. Holland also celebrated the rise of female subscribers, for whom she will create uniquely appealing erotica — not necessarily by producing softer content, but by ensuring a refined aesthetic. "They need the girls to have perfectly manicured hands," Holland said. "A scene with rough sex in an alley better be perfectly lit and perfectly styled."

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