Adult Source Media Debuts Pokémon GO Parody

Adult Source Media Debuts Pokémon GO Parody

LAS VEGAS — Adult Source Media has announced the release of "Gotta Fuck ‘Em All," an animated spoof of the Pokémon GO craze taking the world by storm.

“A few weeks ago, I’m sitting home watching TV and every channel is talking Pokémon GO this, Pokémon GO that, and we’re constantly being bombarded by our employees into playing this game," said a spokesperson for Adult Source Media. "A couple of weeks ago, I show up at the office and there’s about 20 people, everyone from anime fans to men in suits to moms are standing outside our door with their iPhones telling me they’re trying to catch all these Pokémon ‘species' that are running around our workplace. Sure enough, I go in the warehouse and all these little anime characters are running around, breaking open our DVDs and watching our award-winning hentai and creating absolute havoc. It was at that moment I knew we had to create 'Gotta Fuck ‘Em All.'"

Adult Source Media director of sales John immediately contacted his customers, who have been using 'lures' to bring customers into their stores. “Everyone from our comic book stores to our retail chains told me 'Gotta Fuck ‘Em All' is a great way to upsell all the customers going into their stores looking for Pokémon. Think about it. It’s a natural. These fans hit the anime/hentai sweet spot. Most, if not all, watch anime and hentai, so it’s giving the stores a great opportunity to squeeze some great revenue off this movie. I don’t like to toss around the word genius too often, but I won’t hesitate to use it now. This is the must-stock anime of the year. You gotta have 'Gotta Fuck ‘Em All' in your store if you gotta get new customers."

“Gotta Fuck ‘Em All" is available now for purchase. For more information, visit For domestic and international DVD sales, contact All licensing and broadcasting opportunities should be referred to Jim Crawford at