Mile High, Sweetheart Street 'Lefty'

Mile High, Sweetheart Street 'Lefty'

MONTREAL — Sweetheart Video and Mile High Media have announced the release of lesbian sports drama “Lefty," showcasing director Dana Vespoli’s love of boxing and women. 

Vespoli plays Linda “Lefty” Lumaban, an undefeated boxing champion who abandoned her trade at the top of her game, leaving behind an illustrious career, a beautiful girlfriend and staggering wealth. Bree Daniels plays Erin, a hip journalist who decides to track down the elusive boxer to see if she plans on making a comeback. Viewers will join Erin on her odyssey, as she interviews Lefty’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Texas, discovers dark secrets from Lefty’s past and finally comes face to face with the brooding boxer in a climactic ending.

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“As anyone who follows me on social media knows, I am a huge boxing fanatic, and have been training and watching fights for a while,” Vespoli said. “I had watched 'Raging Bull,' the 'Rocky' movies and then the Antoine Fuqua movie 'Southpaw,' as well as several boxing documentaries. I was fascinated by how most of these fighters had come from difficult circumstances, and boxing, as brutal of a sport as it may be, was nothing compared to the day to day struggle of growing up in poverty, and/or victims of abuse.

"Boxing was a way out, or a way to provide for their families, as was the case with Manny Pacquiao," she continued. "In a lot of ways, these boxing stories are quintessential American Dream stories, and I wanted to create a story like that for a female boxer. Lefty is inspired in part by Mike Tyson’s relationship with Cus D’Amato, his coach who was a father figure to him, and Manny Pacquiao who came from poverty in the Philippines. Lefty is also a celebration of women in combat sports now being billed as the main event in the UFC."

"Lefty" also features 2016 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Dani Daniels, AJ Applegate, Dana Vespoli, Bree Daniels, Julia Ann and Alexis Texas.

“I wrote the script with Alexis Texas in mind as Lefty’s girlfriend, because Alexis is a huge star, and I loved the idea of Alexis playing herself in a fictional movie as the lesbian boxing champ’s girlfriend,” Vespoli explained. “I also wrote the script with Bree Daniels in mind as the journalist, because Bree is a committed actress and performer, and just mesmerizing to watch. She has been my muse for a very long time. Julia Ann is spectacular as Bree’s arrogant lover, and AJ Applegate and Dani do an amazing job with Alexis in a steamy, big booty threeway. James Avalon makes a great cameo as Sully, Lefty’s coach. It was a dream to be able to shoot this project.”

Jon Blitt, vice president of Mile High Media, stated, “When Dana first pitched us on this movie, we could tell she was deeply passionate about the project. Mile High is always willing to invest in porn that digs deeper than the surface of sex, providing a compelling story, which captivates viewers. ‘Lefty’ is an amazing film, and I know fans and critics will be blown away.”

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