Brad Armstrong Wraps Production on Wicked's Sci-Fi Thriller 'DNA'

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures has announced that production has wrapped on filmmaker Brad Armstrong’s epic science fiction adult thriller “DNA,” which features Wicked contract performers jessica drake and Asa Akira. With “DNA” now in post-production, Wicked Pictures plans to release the film on Sept. 30.

Armstrong, known for such adult sci-fi productions as “2040,” “Underworld” and “Sexbots: Programmed for Pleasure,” said, “’DNA’ turned out amazingly well. Some of the visuals are just stunning. The locations, sets and wardrobe really came together to create another time and place, which is always so important when delving into the science fiction genre."

In “DNA’s” plot, a company called Interium Industries — which specializes in short-term human cloning through a process known as Re-Life — faces disaster as their lifelike “products” begin to malfunction and a client develops a nefarious agenda.

In addition to drake, Akira, and Armstrong himself, the cast also features Small Hands, Chanel Preston, Abella Danger, Courtney Taylor, Christi Ann, Ryan Driller, Vanessa Veracruz, Abigail Mac and Eric Masterson, among others. 

"Between the atmosphere and the acting,” Armstrong said, “the script really came alive; jessica drake and Asa Akira were fantastic. They have amazing chemistry together onscreen, both in their acting sequences and sex scenes. We also had a great supporting cast, as each performer brought a little something extra to the movie — none more so than Small Hands. It was the first time I've worked with him as an actor, and he was incredible. He was the villain, and I smell a Best Supporting Actor nomination in his future. But I'm sure he won't be the only one getting recognition for their work in this movie; jessica, Asa and everyone else involved deserves the highest of praise. As a director, I couldn't be more proud of their efforts. Another stand out was Vanessa Veracruz, who delivered a breathtaking acting performance as well as a staggering sex scene with the always gorgeous Abigail Mac."

Proud of the big-budget project’s stylish look and provocative storyline, drake said, “Sometimes, when we make a movie — even before it goes into editing — we know we have something special on our hands. ‘DNA’ is one of those movies. With an incredible script and amazing art direction, Brad Armstrong once again proves he is the master of his craft. Personally, working alongside both Asa Akira and Small Hands was intense. ‘DNA’ has amazing acting and scorching hot sex. My scene with Asa is one of my best ever, and in the orgy scene, I finally got my hands on Abella Danger. This will be an epic movie."

Akira said, "I love when Brad shoots just about anything starring jessica and me, but this one might be my favorite so far. The script is really good, and we got to shoot some really intense scenes, both dialogue- and sex-wise. I think Brad knew it would be a challenge because before we started production, he promised me that if I did a good job, he'd let me keep my character's wardrobe. So needless to say, I worked extra, extra hard. Although, can it really be considered work when it entails sex with jessica drake? I'm not sure. She's someone that has so many tricks up her sleeve. Every time we do a scene together, it's different."

“DNA” contains Akira’s first ever sex scene with Small Hands.

“I got to fuck Small Hands for the first time,” Akira said, “and I will now be requesting him every chance I get. That guy is gonna be a huge star. In all, this was definitely one of those productions that reminded me of just how lucky I am to be in this business. Oh, and if you're wondering — yes, I got to keep the wardrobe."

Describing the plot of “DNA,” a spokesperson for Wicked Pictures said, “Savvy thirtysomething Lidia Kline works high up the corporate food chain at Interium Industries, which specializes in reuniting clients, via cloning, with loved ones who have passed away. This Re-Life service comes at a hefty price, of course, and the clones have a lifespan of only 72 hours. A lab technician, Forbes, is worried about irregularities in the cloning process, but Lidia and her boss, owner Malcolm Moore, are more concerned about increasing their clientele because of the overhead. Looking for other sources of funding, Malcolm and Lidia cozy up to a congressman, even showing him a good time with a couple of sexy clones. Lidia meets a new client, Miles Dunn. Miles has several questions about the Re-Life process, particularly concerning what clones might be able to remember. The cloning irregularities worsen, this time leading to disastrous results. But at Interium, nothing is permanent — not even death.”

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