Joy-Toilet's 'Triple X Tycoon' Embraced by Steam Greenlight

NEW YORK— Joy-Toilet has announced that their project "Triple X Tycoon" has “been greenlit on the video game curation platform Steam Greenlight.”

“We see Steam as becoming an increasingly open platform for developers in the niche adult games scene looking to spend more time and money developing entertaining games that can appeal to more people,” a spokesperson for Joy-Toilet said. “The team would like to thank all our long-term subscribers and backers, who continuously reach out to us with ideas and inspiration while also welcoming those new to the idea we've been developing for the past two years.”

Joy-Toilet is the adult games and media division of Outhouz, a New York City-based based company. Triple X Tycoon is described by Joy-Toilet as “an adult business management sim in which the player explores the world of the adult entertainment industry — from the inside, from the ‘70s onward, from motels to studios and mansions and the rise of VHS to VR. How far will you go?”

To view a trailer for Triple X Tycoon, visit this link.

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