Obsessive Fans Are Led to Pokémoan Sex Toys

Obsessive Fans Are Led to Pokémoan Sex Toys

BRISBANE, Australia — Australian Etsy online retailer GeekySexToys, which bills itself as “Toys for the Naughty Nerd,” has rolled out a pleasure products line that is sure to charge up Pokémon Go fans.

GeekySexToys’ new line of silicone toys, called Pokémoan, is based on the original starter Pokémon, with the collector set including Bulby, Charmy, Squirty and Piky — in lieu of the original Pokémon Go names Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu.

“Become the ultimate Pokémoan master with your new silicone friends,” the company said on marketplace site Etsy. “Let your imagination run wild as you play under the sheets.”   

Each of the new sex toys have descriptions that Pokémon Go fans might moan for, including:

  • "Bulby — A grass type Pokémoan. Bulby has a large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have.  
  • "Charmy — A slightly thinner, fire type Pokémoan with a flaming tail.   Charmy gives intense orgasms everywhere it goes.
  • "Squirty — A water Pokémoan. Squirty has a smooth round head with a large grooved turtle shell on its back.
  • "Piky — This small electric type anal Pokémoan is a perfect size for the average Pokémoan trainer. Piky is an extremely cute yet essential addition to your team."  

GeekySexToys, in its marketing materials, steered clear on whether the company has any licensing agreements with the owners of the game —  The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs, the developer who previously created the similar augmented reality game Ingress as part of Google. 

Prices start at $50 per Pokémoan character and $199 for the set at GeekySexToys.