RedTube Is Planning a Print Edition

RedTube Is Planning a Print Edition

BURBANK, Calif. — RedTube officials said today the adult tube site is expanding past the internet and is planning on publishing its own print magazine.

Red Tube magazine, debuting in December in print and digital formats, will contain “the sexiest exclusive content, but also act as a lifestyle magazine,” including “the very best in art, culture, tech, vice, politics, media and celebrity.” The print version will be intended for an “18+ audience."

Alex Taylor, vice president of marketing for RedTube, said the magazine will continue in the same vein of classic men's adult magazines, “yet with a distinct focus towards the trends that drive us in contemporary America today.”

“RedTube has been a leader in the adult industry for 10 years, which makes the brand an excellent authority on what men enjoy," he said. “We have taken great steps to create articles and pictorials that speak to the quality of what our RedTube customers have come to expect from us.”

A mock-up of a prototype cover includes the headlines “How to Make an Open Relationship Work,” “Are Millennials the Most Drug-Fueled Party Generation” and “20 Questions with Digital Playground Star Eva Lovia.”

The time may be right for RedTube Magazine, particularly since Playboy magazine went PG-13 and pulled pictures of fully nude women earlier this year.

MindGeek acquired RedTube and associated web properties in the summer of 2013 for an undisclosed price.