On the Set: Kay Brandt's 'Forked' Serves a Sexual Flambé

On the Set: Kay Brandt's 'Forked' Serves a Sexual Flambé

LOS ANGELES — Fresh from the scintillating set of “Babysitting the Baumgartners,” XBIZ Award-winning director Kay Brandt was already juggling kitchen cutlery for her next Adam & Eve masterwork, “Forked.”

She rang the dinner bell, summoning any and all chefs with a knack for cooking and a proclivity for porn, to submit audition clips of their very best broiled, battered or barbecued dishes.

And audition they did, drizzling, creaming and grinding in ways more conducive to the kitchen than the bedroom, as they tried appealing to Brandt’s very refined palette. Once she chopped up contenders to peel away choice cuts, the erotic gourmand’s sexual flambé was ready to render its reality show blend of SFW YouTube shenanigans and XXX DVD action.

XBIZ made an advance reservation to taste Brandt’s sultry stew, via an on-set sampling of the “Forked” fricassee for the first day of a two-day shoot. The table was set in an opulent Encino manse rife with ribald décor, a grand piano, sensual sculptures and labyrinthine levels, yet the very heart of this artsy artichoke was the modest kitchen. It was there that a marinated purée of adult stars and delicious ingredients came together with a dollop of caramelized comedy.

The end result would be two ménages à trois, one girl/girl and two boy/girl scenes, with a cast including Mercedes Carrera as the host, alongside amateur chefs Mia Li, Marcus London, Alison Rey, Dick Chibbles, Tony De Sergio, Cristi Ann, Jenevieve Hexxx, Damon Dice and Leya Falcon.

“I’ve wanted to do a cooking show for a long time, but didn’t really know how to go about it,” Brandt said. “I wanted to bring a unique angle to this project by having it be part YouTube and part DVD. Also with Adam & Eve, it ups their hip factor. It brings a new dimension to creating an audience that may not necessarily gravitate towards buying a show like this on DVD or VOD, but will because they see it on YouTube — not so much because it’s a sex show, but because it’s a fun, flirty, sexy cooking show.

“And then, they’d feel encouraged to buy the scenes, see it on DVD, the whole thing,” she continued. “So, they love the idea, it’s just they’d never done anything like this before, and it’s just a little daunting figuring out how this is going to work. It took months of explaining the project as more of a social gathering, rather than sitting down to eat and getting served by cooks, which is a thought that was floating around too. I was like no, if there’s going to be a whole cast there, everybody needs to be cooking, there needs to be all kinds of food going around, it’s going to be hectic and crazy, but that’s the sort of material we’re going to put on YouTube.

“We don’t normally see adult stars cook something and engaging with each other in a candid environment, and also being kind of nutty,” Brandt pointed out. “I’ve done some pretty serious movies — I’d say my biggest movies have all been dramas. ‘Baumgartners’ wasn’t really a drama; it was a romance, but still a little bit more on the serious side. So, it’s refreshing. Last time I did something funny was ‘Lesbian Legal’ for Girlfriends Films back in 2009, 2010, and I really enjoyed that. So it’s really cool to direct something that’s lightly scripted — very structured, but lightly scripted. And, it’s more freeform, reality-show type material. It’s a two-day shoot, experimental.

“I definitely hope it becomes episodic, but this is the trial, the first one, to see how well the subscriber-base is on YouTube, the DVD sales, it all comes down to that,” she explained. “It’s harder to do this, than it is if I just wrote a script and had dialogue, because there’s so much that happens in between the cleanup and the prep. It took me four days to shop for this at places like Big Lots, Costco, Trader Joes, Sprouts and Albertsons, to find everything — some people had very specific things on their list of ingredients. Like, Alison Rey is making cupcakes that are healthy, so all the ingredients had to be something you can find at Sprouts or Whole Foods, but unfortunately my Sprouts location didn’t have some of her ingredients, so I had to really shop around town to find them.”

Critical to Brandt’s red-hot “Forked” recipe was finding a tantalizing hostess, in the form of molten starlet Mercedes Carrera. “For the host of ‘Forked,’ Mercedes was a given,” she stated. “I’d wanted to cast Mercedes in a movie that I was hoping to do by raising funds through Kinkfunder in January, and when that campaign didn’t reach its goal, I was so bummed that I couldn’t hire her and work with her. She’s one of the best in the industry and I’ve always wanted to have her in my products. Everything about her I just love and I thought she’d be perfect for the host. So then, when she actually sent me an audition video, I was like, oh this is perfect! And a lot of the people in the cast are people I’ve worked with before, they just happen to be cooks, you know, Marcus London and Alison Rey, who were in ‘Safe Landings.’”  

Mercedes Carrera was thrilled to partake in the porking, as a dominatrix-style version of Gordon Ramsay, garbed in stilettos and tight scarlet regalia. “I am the host for ‘Forked,’ with Adam & Eve, and I’m very excited about that,” she said. “I love cooking shows, like ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ We are going to be cooking and having a dinner party, with food like salmon on the menu — personally, I’ll be making bacon-wrapped dates, along with some pineapple sauce. We had a girl/girl scene earlier today with Cristi Ann and Jenevieve Hexxx. And then, I have a boy/boy/girl with Marcus London and Tony De Sergio!”

Mustachioed production manager David Lord passed by then, and gently instructed Carrera to finish getting ready for her upcoming threesome. “Kay called me up and said do you want to produce a cooking movie?” he remarked. “And I said, ‘Will there be food?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘I’m in.’”

One of the first cooking scenes on the menu that day involved Dick Chibbles, who was busily baking his signature dish. “I’ve been in the business for about 16 years now and yeah, I don’t know anything about normal life anymore,” he admitted. “I’m definitely institutionalized. Anyhow, Kay posted she’s looking for cooks, and she actually did it very comically. She said, ‘I don’t care if you’re making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,’ and I was like ‘that’s right up my alley!’ My father’s from Hungary, so it’s like Eastern European male, you know… they do the big huge dishes, so I do know how to cook. Rice is the most difficult thing for me to make, oddly enough. Sometimes it comes out al dente and sometimes it comes out like mush. So, that’s the only thing I think I’ve never made that doesn’t come out right every time. Rice! So, I’m like, oh my god, I’ve got to do an audition tape for this, and ironically I was food shopping that day.

“I’m from New York, I grew up right by the water, so I was like, I’m making some kind of seafood dish,” he added. “I’m making an Atlantic salmon — I won’t eat any fish that comes out of the Pacific Ocean.  And I actually successfully made rice somehow, and it came out really good. And apparently, Kay liked my flair of comic relief, so next thing I know, we’re talking back and forth, then bam she sent the email — you’re hired! And bam I’m here.

“I am actually cooking my famous garlic bread,” Chibbles said. “I mean, I’m not Italian, but all my friends back home are Sicilian. So, you had no choice but to learn how to cook Italian. I live in southern California now, so you’ve got to learn how to cook Mexican. But basically, I’m making my San Diego flair of Atlantic salmon with pineapple salsa. And what’s funny is, I’ve only made it two times before, I don’t even measure anything. The only time I measure is the water and the rice. Everything else, I go by ‘do I like what I’m smelling, tasting?’ Then I throw in a pinch more. It should come out really good.

“I’ll be working with Alison Rey, been wanting to work with her a long time, and I’m just hoping after a year of anticipation I can deliver!” he remarked. “We filmed the intro earlier today — I play the piano here and there, haven’t played since I was a kid, so they sat me down in front of the piano and I played one of the songs that I wrote. So, really rusty and my fingers moved in ways they didn’t used to. Then, I did my little confession, where I’m talking about how I’m so stoked to be on this show.”

As Chibbles focused his attention on the salmon, laughter echoed from down the hallway. It was there that Cristi Ann and Jenevieve Hexxx were engaged in witty banter, recovering from their volcanic girl/girl scene earlier that day. “I’m 24, work with OC Modeling and I’m from Miami, Florida,” Ann said. “I first heard about the audition through my agent and when I read the description of how they were casting, I go so excited. You had to submit an audition of you cooking, they didn’t really want to see the typical gonzo/porny thing, and I’m like finally! This is something that I’m passionate about. And it’s interesting to be part of something new and experimental but still have porn involved.

“Everyone knows I can suck dick and fuck but it’s a great different way to see a different side of me, and what better way than cooking?” she mused. “For my submission, I wanted something that really popped for me so I was like, you know what? Cuban food! Because I noticed in L.A., you guys don’t have many Cuban restaurants. Someone was telling me, ‘I drove an hour to a Cuban restaurant.’ And I was like what? In Miami there’s one every block. So, I’m like you know what? I’ve got to go down and make a Cuban dish, and show you guys a good traditional Cuban meal — and for my audition clip, I made ropa vieja, you know, shredded beef. But then, they asked for a second dish and I was like I’ve got to make a lechón because pork to Cubans is like pasta to Italians. That is our dish and I would get so much hate if I didn’t make a lechón.

“I live in Miami but I travel back and forth, so L.A. to me is like a second home — I love the culture, because I’m also half Vietnamese, so when I get to L.A. I’m so excited, like ‘look at all these oriental markets!’” Ann continued. “Vietnamese pho everywhere! But, my cooking today is strictly Cuban, because bringing in a Vietnamese influence would get too technical — I just didn’t want to mix the two. Today, I just finished having a wonderful girl/girl with Jenevieve Hexxx, she’s a great, sexy, wonderfully tattooed dom. What’s coming up next is the cooking part of the show — this is where I can put my main dish in the oven, do some fun sexy games while everyone’s cooking, and then I think at the end we’re having one big sit-down dinner together! We did the girl/girl in the main living room, by the staircase, the entrance to the kitchen. This is my first time working for both Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve, so this is a great experience for me, taking everything in, and learning.”  

Hexxx sidled up then, topless and tatted as she squatted down to chat. “An anonymous person gave me an email saying there was an audition — it was honestly an anonymous email, I didn’t know who the fuck it was,” she revealed. “And told me she was auditioning and I was like ‘oh, hell yes I’m going to go try that out.’ See, I don’t cook, that’s the funny part about the whole thing. I’m a goddess, just not a domestic goddess. So I made a smoothie out of random green raw products and raw powders. I’m mostly a raw foodist by nature, so I made this thing called the Magical Manifestation Witchcraft Smoothie. And the video culminated with me having smoke rising from a cauldron, where I pulled out voodoo dolls and human heads, and witchcraft started happening, and I stirred everything with dildos.

“And I didn’t have utensils, because I honestly don’t have utensils in my house, since I don’t cook,” Hexxx confessed. “I don’t think utensils are that sexy, only spoons are sexy. Spoons are sensual and sexy, everything else is not, so I only have spoons. And that’s my video… I do practice ‘magick,’ and my day job is a psychic, I read tarot cards. So I really do mysticism, I’m a pagan. I am fucking the hot lady over there, Cristi Ann. We had a hot girl/girl scene where I was sort of like — she’s blonde, whereas I’m red and black — so I was taking advantage of her and worshiped her ass, licking her ass and pussy. I hypnotized her into the magical world of girl/girl. Now, I’m making a cream goddess soup, it’s going to be delicious and has four ingredients, which is the most that I can handle. And it has avocados, raw, with some peas and salt and pepper and another ingredient that I can’t remember — I think it’s a lime. And, hopefully everyone will enjoy it! But unless you have hippie taste buds, you won’t like it very much. Have to like avocados and greens.”

The doorbell chimed at that moment, and Alison Rey sauntered through the entrance with a cheerful smile. Wending her way down the stairs to a basement, where she could speak without interrupting the filming, Rey said, “I worked with Kay on the set of ‘Safe Landings’ and had a really great time together, so I saw her tweeting about ‘Forked’ and I was like, I definitely want to work with her again, so here I am! I did Paleo peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes — I mean, there was butter, which isn’t Paleo, but they’re flourless gluten-free cupcakes. Today, I’m making those same cupcakes, but I’m also going to be making a lemon curd cupcake with buttercream frosting. And, I’m doing a boy/girl with Dick Chibbles!”

Soon thereafter, debonair duo Marcus London and Tony De Sergio joined in, stepping outside for a brief interview. “We take our cooking quite seriously at home,” London said. “Tony’s quite a chef at the end of the day and I once trained to be a chef, so we cook an awful lot, it’s quite a passion. So, it was pretty quick and easy to do our audition —we did a lovely steak in a chocolate sauce which was delicious and we put it up and they liked it, so of course, here we are. I’ve known Kay for quite a long while, in fact, I used to cater her movies back in the day, so she already knew that I was a good cook, so it blended in quite well with today’s production. 

“Today we’re doing a chicken chasseur, which is obviously a French dish, and we’re going to have some wine, mushrooms, chicken breast, a lot of different ingredients,” he elaborated. “We’re serving it with hasselback potatoes and a special lentil dish that I’ve prepared as well. Very filling, reasonably healthy and certainly filling. So, it should be a very nice dish for everyone to try. Me and Tony are doing a scene, boy/boy/girl with Mercedes Carrera, which I’m looking forward to very much.”

De Sergio added, “Believe it or not, Marcus London got me the gig. I just got back from Europe, took some time out. Pretty much got back to Vegas and then this idea came up, because I’m a bit of a chef myself anyway. And he mentioned to me this idea they’re shooting of cooking and sex combined. So, we decided to whip out a recipe which we both experienced in East Berlin, because we’d both traveled over to Germany and we decided to make a rib eye steak in a chocolate sauce. So, pretty much we did that as a pilot and it was approved, so here we are on the set of ‘Forked,’ waiting to start our scene. We’re doing it as a duo, which saves time as well, otherwise it’d take all day.

“I’m taking care of the meat part, and Marcus is going to take care of the veggies,” he related. “We did a rehearsal ourselves anyways, like a dress rehearsal back home, just to see how that went and we timed it, so we pretty much got that down. The recipe that I came up with for today, is basically a French recipe but I’m doing a little bit of a fusion on it.”

Their threesome with Carrera that evening went smoothly, with nary a need for Brandt to jump in. Within thirty minutes, the scorching sex scene was shot to everyone’s satisfaction.

As darkness drenched the landscape, Leya Falcon sat across the kitchen table, her plump cleavage on full display. She turned and shared, “I saw there was a press release, and I was like food and porn? I like to fuck. I like to eat. So, I thought I would put in an audition tape and I did! I don’t know what to call it, so I called it Fernando Chicken. I came up with it on a whim — I basically took chicken and I marinated it in white wine. And then I butter fried it, stuffed it with cheese and I breaded it, and I fried it again. And I made alfredo sauce too. Today, I’m making some fried chicken, some collard greens, some mash potatoes and some honey corn bread. I like to cook. Oh, and be sure to visit LeyaFalcon.com!”

Nearby, Joe Filippone was filming his confessional, praising Carrera as his mistress. Afterwards, he stepped away and explained, “I know Kay and I did a non-sex role in ‘Safe Landings,’ where I played the therapist. And, we both know Selena Kitt and we’re both erotic writers, so we kind of bonded over that whole thing. So, she asked me, ‘Hey, what’re you doing today? Do you want to come down and be Mercedes’ slave?’ And I was like ‘yah!’ I’m basically the porn version of her sous-chef, I help her out. I do the actual stuffing of the almonds into the dates, and wrap them, I make her look good. And I’m learning from her how to be a chef.”

The flash of a camera flickered behind us, as Rick Garcia snapped photos. “I saw Kay tweeted about this production and I said hey, how you doing?” he remarked. “And then, she was like ‘hey, you busy?’ and I said, ‘No, not at all.’ And she invited me to be involved with ‘Forked.’ But, I worked with her on the last movie, ‘Babysitting the Baumgartners,’ so that was the first time working with her. So, apparently it worked out and she asked me back! I’m going to shoot everything I can, running around with my head cut off, up and down these damn stairs. Right now, I’m setting up for the white background photos, because Adam & Eve really likes their white backgrounds, so they can cut out the photos and make their own box covers. At the same time I’m trying to capture some candid moments, and also set up shots.”

Hours until midnight, the grand dinner party was coming together, where Hexxx entertained guests with a seductive belly dancing routine. Washing the dishes was production assistant Adam “Tarantino XXX,” who said, “I got involved with ‘Forked’ because I worked for Kay Brandt previously as a production assistant for her last film that she did, ‘Babysitting the Baumgartners.’ And so, I did a good job there and got invited to work on ‘Forked!’ Just doing the normal production assistant work, helping out Kay and David Lord with whatever they need — getting equipment prepped. I get to wash dishes. In the meanwhile, I’ve got my ‘The Hateful Eight’ lesbian parody called the ‘The Hatemen Eight’ coming out!”

Garcia called everyone together, then, for a group shot with the cast and crew. Several decks of “Porn: The Game!” cards were sprawled on the glass table, an apropos centerpiece to the XXX gourmet gathering. Day one of “Forked” wrapped with a delightfully dreamy dessert and hungers sated in more ways than one.