LELO Shipping Remoji Series in Australia

LELO Shipping Remoji Series in Australia

MELBOURNE — LELO has started shipping Remoji, their series of adult toys under the Picobong brand, in Australia.  

The Remoji project started as a project on IndieGoGo, and raised over $127,000 from 1114 backers — which, according to a spokesperson for Australian retailer SexToys247, “resulted in LELO achieving a massive 1229 percent of their initial goal of USD$10,000. This showed LELO that there is massive interest in building and designing the best possible adult toys, and that customers were very interested in being involved in that process.”

Chris Diprose of SexToys247, said, “The Remoji range of toys is very unique. They combine the high quality and style that LELO is known to produce with the ingenuity, style and design of a true smartphone and app-controlled toy, which has been worked on with end-customers. Unreal."

The Remoji project, according to SexToys247, is “twofold.”

First, SexToys247 said, “LELO reached out to their customers, wanting feedback and thoughts on the design of the smartphone app that will control these new toys: the Diver, Surfer, LifeGuard and BlowHole M-Cup. This was a very unusual process for an adult toy manufacturer: providing a way for end customers to comment, style, and provide direct feedback on the design of the app.”

Second, SexToys247 said, “The new Remoji toys include a smartphone and app-controlled mechanism to control the adult toys. This presents opportunities for true hands-off and remote-control of the Remoji adult toys. The advantage is the controller and device can be in very different locations — for example, if your partner is away overseas for work.”

The Remoji range includes the Diver, an egg style vibrator; the Surfer, a plug-style vibrator; the Lifeguard, a penis ring; and the BlowHole M-Cup, a vibrating masturbator for men. The Remoji toys are USB-rechargeable, offer six modes of vibration, and all vibrate in near-silence during operation.”

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