Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite Discuss Intimacy Amidst Stardom

Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite Discuss Intimacy Amidst Stardom

LOS ANGELES — Stardom is fleeting, even for the most fleet-footed adult performers, yet Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite have transfigured themselves into a mythic, XBIZ Award-winning constellation.

Theirs is a cosmic union wrought as much by devoted marriage vows as by filmic seduction, in what is an absolute commitment to the pornographic arts. It is a living sacrament, watching their orgasmic bliss unfold like a celestial lotus across nearly 2,000 titles in Blue’s 16-year career and 360-plus films throughout Albrite’s 4.5 years, not to mention her very own Fleshlight.

When producers channel this galactic energy, lens flares and meteoric shadows dance through the widening iris of stargazing viewers. Whether they share the screen with supernova chemistry or venture apart to titillate third parties, they rarely travel beyond sight of one another, ever joined on the horizon.

Still, no matter their unearthly patina, Blue and Albrite have their roots deeply entwined on terra firma. Beneath the banners of Evil Angel, they record all manner of raunchy mischief alongside Maestro Claudio and his wife Tiziana, with whom they founded BAM Visions a year ago.

Most recently, they released “Mick Loves Anikka,” an intimately candid blend of amateur sexplay and globetrotting misadventures captured on camera over many months. And while much of this cinematic spelunking has been widely publicized of late, XBIZ stepped behind the astral curtain to catch a glimpse of the raw clockwork that keeps Blue and Albrite ticking evergreen.

Before their spotlights merged as one, the lovers walked unique paths in their earliest years. A gentleman tried and true, Blue turned to Albrite and said, “Ladies first! You go first.” She smiled and shared, “When I first got into porn, I thought I knew everything about sex — I was very passionate about sex. It was something I enjoyed, so going into porn was a natural thing for me. But, I soon realized I had a lot to learn about sex and sexuality in general. Looking back, I kept my eyes closed during sex — it would take all the distractions out, but porn taught me that if you open your eyes, you can connect with your partner a lot better.

“I also had a lot of insecurities about my body,” she confessed. “I really disliked my labia; I thought they were too big. And I heard about girls getting labiaplasty and that was one of the things I was like, maybe one day I’ll get that.”

Blue interjected, “Your labia are beautiful,” eliciting laughter around the table. Albrite continued, “And also, I never had a bush in real life, and now I have a bush and I’m proud of my labia. It’s kind of like, I’ve become proud of who I am and proud of being a woman after being in this business.”

Nodding, Blue said his first forays into the biz likewise had a mix of awkwardness and self-discovery. “Before I first got into the industry 16 years ago, I was always a shy guy,” he said. “Talking to girls and getting them into bed to have sex seemed quite difficult, with a lot of work behind it. So, when I decided to get into the industry, I was discovering a few things. I made money with something I really liked, and I didn’t have to talk for hours at a bar with the girls to have sex with them. All I had to do was show up on set! So, for the first four to five years, it was a fetish for me.

“Literally, I’d come on set… say ‘hi’ to the producer, then try to avoid talking to the girls,” he admitted. “I’d hide somewhere. When it was time to have sex with the girl, I’d have sex, and then during the scene or after, I’d be like ‘by the way, what’s your name?’”

When asked what he has learned since then, Blue explained, “Over the last 16 years? Actually, I learned a lot, like about the psychology of women and their anatomy — a tremendous amount of medical parts. It’s kind of like before, when I was a regular guy, sometimes I used a condom and sometimes I didn’t use a condom. I had no idea about chlamydia, yeast infections or all that kind of stuff, what to do in order to prevent these things.”  

Chuckling, Albrite remarked, “You kind of became an amateur gynecologist didn’t you? We both are I guess!”

He replied, “Yes, I became a specialist in STDs! I became more aware of sexuality itself. Also, my whole life became healthier, because when I was young 16 years ago, going to parties Friday and Saturday was on the weekend menu. And I’m from Austria — we weren’t doing drugs, but we were drinking a hell of a lot. Like wine and beer and vodka and whiskey and all that kind of good stuff. And then, when you start in this industry and your body becomes your capital, your stamina becomes your work force — it kind of changed my life. I watch what I eat. I only have a glass of red wine once in a while.”

As for how they maintain balance between work and their relationship, Blue offered, “We just really try to separate the work life from the private life. We like to stay at home, watch TV shows together and have a nice glass of wine together. We take Muay Thai classes — I’ve trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for eight years. We like to travel together. In our free time we try to do something with each other every other month, even if it’s just for a few days. Scuba diving is a passion we share together.”

Albrite added, “We like to do stuff together like working out, watching ‘Game of Thrones.’ We like to get away, go camping. One of the first dates we ever had was going skydiving. I made him jump out of a plane. When we went skydiving, he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then we jumped out of a plane together!”

Squeezing her hand, Blue said, “I think it’s extremely important, because our industry places a huge demand on your mind.” Agreeing, Albrite underscored, “It’s mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. Yes, you have sex in front of the camera, but you need to have time to yourself. Sex in our private life can be a few minutes, sometimes half an hour. You know, what normal people do. Then again, ‘normal’ people are sometimes the biggest freaks — I’m surprised what they’re into, like… stuff I’d never do.”

Another key ingredient to their longevity in the industry? Raising chickens.

“We also have chickens!” Albrite enthused, before becoming momentarily despondent. “During the ‘Baumgartner’ shoot our favorite hen Lady passed away. It’s a very emotional thing to have chickens, because we ordered the eggs online and watched them develop from a tiny little embryo, using a special light. And when we watched them hatch, it was the first time we had ever hatched chickens.

“When I lost my favorite hen it was so sad, you know, because she would follow us around like a dog, sit in my lap,” she explained. “We have no idea why she died. Producing two eggs a day, maybe, which is too much for a chicken?”

Blue added, “We also have a lame, one-legged rooster and a mentally handicapped chicken — we call them Beavis and Butthead. Something happened with the rooster’s leg, now he hops on one leg.”

With a laugh, Albrite said, “The mentally handicapped chicken is an Austrian chicken, whereas Lady was a German breed. I wanted an Austrian chicken, a German chicken and an American chicken, and our rooster happened to be the American one. He’s like a flamingo, now. He cannot put any weight on his other leg. He can rest on it briefly, so it’s kind of funny watching him try and mate with our other hen, who’s kind of retarded. One day, she’s kind of like, you want to mate? You want to mate, huh? And he’s like yeah, hopping forward. She actually should never have been born. She had a difficult hatch and I was freaking out, like I can’t have a chicken die on our first hatch, so we were studying how to rescue her.”

Blue had come to the rescue. “I opened up the shell, carefully,” he stated. “And you’re not supposed to intervene, but we did. So, she probably has some issues. And she lays an egg a day, but she doesn’t always find the entrance to her cage. Chickens are funny pets!”

In addition to raising chickens, taking time for “Game of Thrones” and engaging in outdoor activities, Blue and Albrite keep their marriage and careers intact by staying true to one another.

“I think one of the pros of being a married couple in this business is you can share your life together and form a team, where you work together for goals,” Blue stated. “Another great thing is that you have a lot of time you can spend together. For example, if she and I had regular jobs, you’d leave at seven in the morning, come home seven or so at night, and then the only day you can really spend with your wife is Sunday. Being together in the industry, however, there can be a situation where Anikka takes a day off, I leave to work at noon and come back at three in the afternoon, and we can have a lot more time to spend together.

“Also, if you want to go on vacation, you don’t need to speak with the company owner, your boss, and ask if you can take vacation at this time,” he continued. “You plan it, you clarify it with Anikka’s agent and if there’s nothing important at this time, you can take it off. So, there are great benefits to our schedule. The downsides are that you don’t really know how people in the future will react towards the business, the job you do. I’ve experienced over the past 16 years positive feedback, but also negative.

“And the other thing is, because we are both sex workers, you sometimes deal with situations that come from the industry where it’s like, if I’m not a sex worker, I can have sex whenever I want,” Blue remarked. “We can wake up in the morning, have sex, come and go to work, no problem. To work in our industry as a couple, I have to wait to come with her, save my load for work. And then, when you’re done with work, you can come home and share the rest of the energy with your partner. Another drawback is, I can’t train blindly with martial arts, in case I injure myself. If she trains and we both get injured, you lose income.”

Albrite also weighed the pros and cons of married life in the adult industry. “First and foremost, I would say the benefit of being a married couple in the business is we support each other,” she expressed. “I think without the support I get from Mick, it’d be very different. It’s nice to come home to somebody and have that love and support, whether you had a good day or a bad day — we talk about it. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people have that in this business, so I feel very blessed to have that. He’s my best friend and my partner and everything. The biggest bonus is getting to work with each other. We can make up our own fantasies!

“As for the cons, the majority come from the outside world, with people’s views on the industry and on us as a couple,” she lamented. “Sometimes, I’ll post stuff on social media, like pictures of us kissing, and sometimes people will say ‘how can he kiss you after you’ve sucked hundreds of dicks?’ And, it’s just the judgment that’s just really… really sad. Like, it’s fine — I get it — but it sucks that people are so judgmental. We try to put out a very sex-positive, relationship-positive persona to the world and sometimes people still don’t get it, and that’s fine, it’s not for everybody. I feel like sometimes it takes an open mind to understand, not just sex and porn, but life in general. It’s their issues ultimately, projecting them onto us. Online is always the best place for people to attack each other.

“All the stuff we shoot for BAM Visions is stuff we want to do,” she concluded. “It’s like, so honey, which girl should we have sex together with? We really want to bone her, then we book it and it’s a great day at work.”

No matter the gloss of stardom, the flashing cameras of admirers or the rigors of adult filmmaking, Albrite and Blue sustain their fortune and fame by staying grounded. Through the superficial glitz and artistic gossamer overlaying countless pornographic movies, the beloved couple sticks to the basics when it comes to winning the long game: Communication, shared hobbies and the immortal love of a one-legged rooster fucking a very special hen.