eSensual Group Says DEV Promotes 'Multiple Orgasms'

LONDON — The eSensual Group has announced the availability of Directed Erotic Visualization (DEV), described as “an audio experience that harnesses the power of the mind to create very real scenarios that cause intense multiple orgasm in both women and men.”

With DEV, according to the eSensual Group, the experience is quite realistic.

A “conservative estimate,” according to the eSensual Group, would indicate that DEV “is responsible for more than 6.8 million hands-free orgasms since Essemoh Teepee created the technique in 2008.”

Susana Mayer, PhD, a clinical sexologist, said, “I created a comfortable environment to enjoy my personalized audio experience. What followed totally astonished me. While listening to the story and eventually being directed to orgasm — well, let’s just say it worked.”

According to the eSensual Group, “DEV works with the mind to access an altered state that takes you to an erotic, sensual place. (This is) not hypnosis; there is no trance or loss of consciousness. Participants remain awake, though relaxed, and fully aware of the process and their own sensuality. The overlay of erotic story with detailed sensory description spoofs your mind into thinking that you are actually experiencing those sensations.”

Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee are partners in Alternatepress Limited and the eSensual Group. “They are dedicated to providing intelligent erotic fiction and professional audio experiences to create and enhance exceptional sexual experiences,” the eSensual Group said.

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