AEBN Releases Granular Content Data

AEBN Releases Granular Content Data

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As data driven decisions continue to become more important for content producers, media buyers, broadcast networks and adult site owners, AEBN is now sharing some valuable data that content partners can benefit from immediately.

The data is especially significant to partners as they can now see the viewing patterns and choices of paying customers that pertain directly to their valued content, said Matt Gleason, AEBN’s sales and content acquisitions lead.

“After extensive feedback from our content partners we have fine-tuned our data and assembled the information into a clean, clear and simple reporting structure of all revenue sources in real-time,” Gleason said.

“Some of our partners have already noticed the new stats and have begun prioritizing production based on the data,” he said. “With the data at their fingertips they can produce or adjust releases to match current trends compared to waiting for monthly trend reports from other resources. Every report is fully exportable and covers each title at a monthly and lifetime level.”

“AEBN’s new in-depth stats system has provided extensive insight and allowed us to further grow the offerings of our partners on their platform,” said Megan Stokes of New Media Group.

“As a management company, representing many different content producers across the board, we rely on data and analytics to maximize exposure and monetization. This kind of comprehensive analysis is not only impressive but such a great resource of information for the studios,” she said. “The system is an instant invaluable resource and a welcomed change.”

Belle Casten, who leads media sales for New Sensations and Digital Sin agrees.

“The new detailed reporting provided by AEBN gives us a real time glimpse of how our movies are performing, down to the scene pairings. Since we factor in what is trending when deciding what to shoot, this information has already proved invaluable to us,” Casten said. “With these detailed stats, we can better provide our VOD customers at AEBN with what they want to see.” 

With the Title Status reports a content provider can quickly view when a title was added to the catalog and when new content is scheduled to go live on the AEBN network.

Granular Play Events at both the movie and scene levels allows studios to view play events at each level within last 30 days or over a title’s lifetime, as well as when each movie had its last play event.

All metadata around sex acts and performers are included in the scene level views so that partners can quickly determine or track the most popular aspects of each of their titles, Gleason said. 

“This data represents paying customers’ viewing trends from 2012 to today, and while some of the conclusions will seem obvious, like the fact that the scene or model displayed on a title’s cover image results in about 60 percent of scene play events of a movie,” Gleason said.

“Surprisingly the remaining 40 percent uncovers hidden trends in upcoming stars or popular sex acts. One other stand out trend we have uncovered with this new data is cover art that is designed elegantly with stand out models, less text and less graphic clutter simply get more play events, resulting in higher revenues.

"Put simply, we are making it easier for valued content partners to cater to paying adult consumers, by connecting you to their viewing preferences in real time.”

As Evil Angel CFO Adam Grayson sees it, "With the market getting increasingly competitive, not having detailed granular data from your partners puts you at a major disadvantage.”

“AEBN's new partner stats are a major strategic asset to Evil Angel, as we can see exactly what parts of our content are being viewed, and then use that data to make better decisions about what to shoot tomorrow," Grayson said.

AEBN said content partners will notice these reports have already been enabled on their accounts, and studios seeking to establish new relationships to better distribute and monetize their content online are encouraged to visit or to reach out to today