Girlfriends Films Releases 'Lesbian PsychoDramas 22'

Girlfriends Films Releases 'Lesbian PsychoDramas 22'

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has announced the release of "Lesbian PsychoDramas 22 — Messed Up 3," which will be in stores nationwide beginning on July 15.

“This series has the highest creep factor of anything Girlfriends Films has ever put out,” stated director Dan O’Connell, who pointed out that religion plays an integral role in the storyline. 

“I don’t believe in denigrating religion,” he explained, “but it does work its way into some of our stories as it very much plays into the everyday life of being gay or lesbian, especially for a woman who is grappling with her moral compass when she is about to have sex with another woman for her very first time. There are a number of religious references are in this movie series, but we don’t poke a stick at religion.

“Much consideration went into the casting of this movie,” O’Connell added. “Everyone has been fantastic with their roles and a lot of fun to work with. There is something dementedly fun about writing a script and shooting a movie where a psycho Chanel Preston does everything she can do to ruin the life of the character played by Vanessa Veracruz.” 

Both Preston and Veracruz are reprising their roles from "Messed Up 2," in which lesbians Preston and her sister Aaliyah Love work together to clandestinely get Veracruz pregnant by using a squirting strap-on dildo filled with their father’s DNA, all in the hopes of perpetuating the family dynasty. Veracruz, a virgin who has never had a penis inside her, has no idea this was done to her, and she becomes pregnant. 

As "Messed Up 3" begins, Veracruz and others are under the illusion that she will be giving birth to the Second Coming of Christ. Love and Preston use Veracruz’s illusion and psychosis as a means of conspiring to take her baby away as soon as it is born and have her institutionalized. “She’ll need to be kept in a straight-jacket in the meantime, of course,” O'Connell remarked. 

Preston and Love procure the lactation services of a pregnant Shauna Skye to feed the baby when it is born. However, Preston’s girlfriend Carrera cannot keep her hands off Skye and her big belly. Meanwhile, Sister Mary Margaret, played by India Summer, has no problem giving Veracruz some pleasurable time when no one is looking. 

Last week, Girlfriends Films posted a photo to Twitter of lead actress Veracruz in a straight jacket captioned, “When she looks like this, it’s bound to get Messed Up!”