Penthouse Publishes Exposé of Political Power of LDS

Penthouse Publishes Exposé of Political Power of LDS
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — Penthouse Magazine's July/August 2016 issue reveals an in-depth look into the political power of the Mormon religion in Utah, and its hold on the rest of the country.

The piece, “Utah’s Governor Wants to Handle Your Penis,” is penned by Huffington Post staff writer Andy Campbell.

Campbell’s annotative eight-page essay focuses on the hyper-conservative Mormon Church, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), and its partisan influence on local, as well as national, politics.

"We sent over the new issue to several folks in Utah, including Governor Gary Herbert, and the heads of the Church in Salt Lake City," said Raphie Aronowitz, editor-in-chief of Penthouse Magazine. "Since the Mormon Church brings its unsolicited moral, religious and political values to our doorsteps, we decided to return the favor."

While election-year politics is currently on everyone's mind, another force is at play within the country's so-called democratic process: organized religion's gratuitous legislative power over its citizens.

"The Mormon Church has a long-standing tradition of repression and control over its local residents in Utah," Aronowitz continued. "It has now permeated the roots of local and national politics and influenced policy."

Penthouse Magazine’s newest issue, dubbed “The Shameless Issue,” also includes what is described as "a titillating offering of Mormon-inspired 'sister wives,' who clearly know how to make sinning a hot pastime."

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