Icon Male, Mile High Debut 'Cheaters 2'

Icon Male, Mile High Debut 'Cheaters 2'

MONTREAL — Icon Male and Mile High Media have announced the release of “Cheaters 2,” which is now available on DVD. 

Written and directed by Nica Noelle, the series' sophomore installment features Adam Russo, Derik Reed, Devon Felix, Roman Todd, Billie Ramos and Killian James. To view box art and product information for “Cheaters 2,” click here.

“Working with Killian James is so much fun, and his scene with Adam Russo is a total showstopper,” Noelle said. “They both have tremendous energy and passion, and it resulted in one of the most intense and explosive sex scenes I've ever shot.

“I worked with Roman Todd, Derik Reed and Billy Ramos for the first time on this movie, and they were all such a joy and such great performers — fans are going to love seeing all these new faces,” she added.

The infidelity of “Cheaters 2” begins with stepdad Adam spending some extra quality time with his stepson, Derek. However, Derek’s eyes begin to wander towards his sister’s boyfriend, Devon. Adam is busy seducing a young, troubled sex addict, Killian. Meanwhile, the straight Roman secretly hooks up with his brother-in-law, Billie.

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