Webmaster Central Announces VR Webcam

Webmaster Central Announces VR Webcam

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced the general availability of its VR Webcam. According to Webmaster Central, "The proprietary technology, when mixed with the previously announced VR Player, allows live cam networks to stream fully immersive virtual reality shows to their clients for the first time."

Andy A., CEO and founder of Webmaster Central, said, "The true live VR Webcam experience is the most immersive webcam experience in the industry today. it's a game-changer. With these cameras and our player software, cam networks can offer live VR shows to their customers at a premium. Customers will feel like they are in the same room as the webcam performer, which translates into greater per-minute revenue and a competitive advantage for the marketing team." 

Webmaster Central's VR Webcams, the company said, "are built in-house and use simple plug-and-play technology, which makes them a snap to set up. They stream true live stereoscopic 3D straight browsers enabled with the VR Player software. Streaming is in HD 1080P, and the cameras can even double as high-quality HD 2D cameras so performers don't need to switch back and forth."

Andy A. said, "This technology can double your revenue because it has that neat factor that your customers are going to want to experience for themselves. The first cam networks to add this technology will have a big competitive advantage, something they can use to upsell existing members or even market to former customers as a great incentive for them to return. There's no cost to cam programs aside from the cameras themselves."

Webmaster Central's VR experience, the company said, features "custom 3D backdrops, which add an extra element of 'cool' to the user experience. When customers look 'behind' them, they see a virtual nightclub scene by default. But Webmaster Central can work with clients to create different custom backdrops as needed. Whether that's an adult toy store, a jungle or a dominatrix dungeon, the options are limitless."

For more information on Webmaster Central, visit their official website.