Sensuous Releases Sweet Touch Display

Sensuous Releases Sweet Touch Display
Ariana Rodriguez

SYDNEY — On the heels of the redesign of Sweet Touch’s packaging, Australian company Sensuous has launched a new point-of-sale unit to complement its popular kissable massage oils range.

“We were very pleased with the transformation we gave Sweet Touch and now we have a fantastic Point of Sale unit to complement them,” said a company spokesperson, “We believe we have created something beautifully simple and incredibly eye catching. Our new POS holds up to 28 bottles. (Four of each of our irresistible flavors).”

Sensuous recently gave its Sweet Touch range a complete facelift and also released a new flavor.  The company says the packaging is designed to have a cosmetic look sporting a gold band and gold pump applicator.

The new Sweet Touch POS unit holds up to 28 units and is shipping now.

For more information, contact or call +617 5577 3590.