Video: Californians Against Worker Harassment Launches New Campaign

Video: Californians Against Worker Harassment Launches New Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Californians Against Worker Harassment, in collaboration with the Free Speech Coalition and Behind Kink, have launched a campaign video to combat the Safer Sex in Adult Film Act, a controversial ballot initiative that would allow private citizens to sue adult performers and other industry workers when a condom is not visible in an adult film.

Siouxsie Q, director of policy and industry relations for the Free Speech Coalition, spoke with XBIZ about the newly launched campaign, which premiered at the California Democratic Party executive board meeting in Long Beach this past weekend — when the party voted to oppose the Safer Sex in Adult Film Act.

"This is a Trojan Horse initiative: it claims to protect workers, but it will actually put an already marginalized workforce at immense risk by enabling and incentivizing harassment," she said. "The workers of this industry already face crippling stigma for who we are and what we do, and this piece of legislation will allow those who seek to harm us, to do so with greater ease. 

"Under this initiative, anyone, including stalkers and bigots, will be able to gain access to our legal names and home address, and even receive 25 percent of the settlement of the lawsuit," Siouxsie Q continued. "Harassment is not a California value, and I hope that voters up and down my home state will join Senator Mark Leno, AIDS Project Los Angeles, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and the 13 million voters represented by the State's two major political parties, and oppose the so-called 'Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Initiative.'"

The stop motion animation idea and implementation of the campaign video came from model and editor Lilith Luxe of Eric Paul Leue, executive director of the FSC, serves as the campaign manager for Californians Against Worker Harassment, a PAC formed to combat the adult film initiative.