Joy-Toilet's 'Triple X Tycoon' Goes Live on Steam Greenlight

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet has announced that their project Triple X Tycoon has gone live on the crowdsourced video game curation platform Steam Greenlight.

"This is just us listening to our fans and backers," said Christon "Doop" LeJohn, lead developer at Joy-Toilet. "It's been interesting, the reception there. We like to think people can handle a little skin, although the game is hardly just that. It remains to be seen if we can stay, but we'd like Steam to give us a fair shot."

Joy-Toilet is the adult games and media division of Outhouz, a Long Island-based company. 

Triple X Tycoon is described as "an adult business management SIM in which the player explores the world of adult entertainment industry from the inside, from the '70s onward. From motels to studios and mansions, from the rise of VHS to VR. How far will you go?"

For more information on Joy-Toilet, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.