Source Releases Social Kit Pro

Source Releases Social Kit Pro

LOS ANGELES — Source has announced its release of Social Kit Pro, a powerful plugin providing a series of Photoshop templates for social media marketers.

The plugin is a welcome addition to the toolboxes of adult promoters, including vast numbers of live cam and other performers, as well as for site owners and affiliates, who are increasingly leveraging social media channels as a promotional vehicle.

According to its publisher, Social Kit Pro allows users to create, preview and publish pixel perfect photos and advertisements for all major social media channels, and lets users easily import their brand identity and export what they need with a single click.

The software includes desktop- and mobile-compatible social media templates, offering support for ad types such as carousel ads, sponsored posts and more.

“Seize the moment and update your social graphics within seconds. Speed up your workflow and react fast to current events with stunning cover pics all over your social media,” says a Source spokesperson. “What’s that? Your fans are reacting faster too now? You’re welcome.”

“Some call it a time saver, others a time machine,” the spokesperson adds. “Measuring, designing, exporting, uploading, measuring again... that all is left in the past.”

With new support for video clips, and despite restrictions on allowable content, today’s social media channels are an attractive option for promoting adult offers and personalities alike — and Social Kit Pro helps make it easy.