Xgen Adds to Peekaboo Pasties Line

Xgen Adds to Peekaboo Pasties Line

HORSHAM, Pa. — Xgen is now shipping new items from Peekaboo Pasties.

Peekaboo Pasties has added new designs to its line of premium pasties. The new pasties are black and pink, and include sayings on them, such as “Bad Girl,” “100% Rockstar,” and “Diva.”

“Peekaboo has been the leading provider of pasties for a long time now,” Xgen Products President Andy Green said. “We are excited that they have come out with new styles that will allow customers to express themselves with some fun sayings.”

The new range of pasties are X-shaped, and come in six new styles. Each Peekaboo Pasties package contains two pairs of pasties. The Peekaboo Pasties range of self-adhesive fashion pasties also come in other graphic designs like Hot Kisses, Money Maker, Trucker Girls, Schoolgirl, and premium Neon 3-Packs, among other styles.

According to the company, Peekaboo Pasties feature "top-of-the-line self-adhesive technology and fabric composition."

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