XRCO Gears Up for 32nd Awards Show

XRCO Gears Up for 32nd Awards Show

LOS ANGELES — The illustrious X-r­ated Critics Organization will bring together adult movie luminaries and rising stars alike in the heart of Hollywood this Wednesday night, for the 32nd annual XRCO Awards.

In anticipation of the chic revelry, amidst a backdrop of elite nominees vying for industry prestige, XRCO co-chairman Dirty Bob told XBIZ this year's ceremony will closely adhere to its tried and true formula.

When asked what new features 2016 XRCO attendees can look forward to, he underscored the organization's dedication to continuity. "We don't necessarily want it to be too different from previous years; tradition is important," Dirty Bob expressed. "It is what it is: a free industry party/awards show where everyone can come, relax and hang with others in the biz without feeling pressure to put on their fake 'fan face,' because there are no fans — since it is industry-only."

Despite that unflinching resolve to maintain brand consistency, he confided, "Many people tell me this is the one really fun event they look forward to every year. There is one noticeable change this year: Evan Stone has stepped in to replace Bill Margold for the Hall of Fame presentations — which should begin around 9 p.m."

Even 10 years hence, Dirty Bob foresees little difference in the presentations. "More of the same," he vowed. "Doors open shortly after 6 p.m., everyone gets to parade through the red carpet, hit the bar if they wish, watch the awards show and presentations, and hopefully hang around for the after party which will begin at the same location immediately following the show." 

Priding itself as a stalwart bastion of XXX history, XRCO has chosen to evolve only very gradually since its inception in 1984. Dirty Bob said, "While it has evolved, it has also kept its core values and roots. It remains non-political and the nominees and winners are strictly the choice of the voting members." He did confess, however, that categories are a more fluid affair. "That said, various categories have come (and some have gone) to reflect the current popularity of different genres."

The size of the XRCO Awards has also increased over the years. "The show itself has expanded and is much larger now and we have many volunteers who help to make it run smoothly," Dirty Bob explained. "I am particularly happy with the new trophy design which we brought out last year. A reminder to all that there are no tickets — admission is by recognition at the door or via reservation."

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