CockyBoys Debuts 2nd 'One Erection' Episode

CockyBoys Debuts 2nd 'One Erection' Episode

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has announced the release of "Nailed Him," the second installment in their boy band "mockumentary" mini-series "One Erection: The Un-making of a Boy Band," which is now available only at

Presented by owner and director Jake Jaxson and Chi Chi Larue, the "One Erection" series follows a fictitious boy band comprised of five adult stars including CockyBoy exclusives Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Allen King and Kody Stewart. Their antics have been covered by Cosmo Magazine, who did an entire feature on the project and compared the boys and some of their fans to those of real-life boy band New Direction. 

Jaxson said, "I'm super excited to release part two of 'One Erection: The Un-making of a Boy Band.' We first premiered this project last year, co-directed with the legendary Chi Chi LaRue, and to date this is the most fun I have had on a project, and I'm continuously inspired by my collaboration with all involved.

"A couple weeks back I was happy to show part of the episode to a full theater at this year's #CockyCon in Chicago, and it was such a joy hearing and watching an audience come together to watch our work," he added. "I was so happy to hear the laughter and excitement, knowing that the performers could finally hear and see what I have known for so long — that their talent is real, and that more and more they are helping to create a new kind of sexual storytelling that can tickle and stimulate all the senses."

To watch Hanson and Maddox perform their sex scene from the latest episode of "One Erection," visit