XHamster Declares 'Brock Turner Rule' Against 'Rape Culture'

LOS ANGELES — XHamster.com has announced that it is "taking a stand against rape culture" by enforcing what it now calls "the Brock Turner rule."

Under the policy, XHamster.com said, any user who searches for "rape" on the site will receive the following message: "If you are searching for this category, probably it's time you consulted with a professional psychologist." The policy, XHamster.com said, is in response to the verdict in the Brock Turner case; Turner was just sentenced to six months in jail on sexual assault charges.

XHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins said, "XHamster, while an advocate for free speech, does not condone any type of non-consensual sex that further propagates rape culture. Our size and influence in the online adult world has proven to be a force for change, and we want to use it not only for the advancement of transgender rights, but to end rape culture for good."  

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