Adult AdWorld Launches Self-Serve Ad Buying Platform

Adult AdWorld Launches Self-Serve Ad Buying Platform

MIAMI — Adult AdWorld has announced the launch of its self-service ad buying platform.

According to the company, the new platform provides advertisers with the control and ease of use they demand for their campaigns, while providing publishers with the ability to segment their traffic so they can make the most money from it.

Adult AdWorld CEO Daniel Rand explains that the new self-serve ad buying platform provides all the necessary targeting and optimization tools such as geo-targeting, frequency capping, daily spend capping, carrier and device targeting, action tracking, source optimization and more, for both desktop and mobile campaigns, while servicing both adult and mainstream advertisers and publishers.

“Traditionally we have directly managed the campaigns for all of our advertisers but we continued to get requests for a self-serve platform where they could start and stop their own campaigns, optimize the traffic sources, and modify their bid prices, so we decided to give them what they want,” Rand said. “This allows us to efficiently serve more advertisers but it also has the added benefit of making our publishers more money and higher ECPMs as it provides additional advertisers to purchase that ‘long-tail’ inventory.”

According to AdWorld’s Director of Sales, Chad Michaels, the platform offers not only traditional pops and banners, but also members’ area traffic from paid adult and mainstream dating sites.

“Most of our advertisers have advertised with us every month for seven to ten years and have been asking us for premium members’ area traffic,” Michaels says. “Rolling it out with the self-serve platform was a natural thing to do.”

For more information, advertisers can email Director of Sales Chad Michaels at, while publishers should email