MindGeek Wins Cybersquatting Case Over 3 Domains

MindGeek Wins Cybersquatting Case Over 3 Domains

TIJUANA, Mexico — The domain names Pornhub.com.mx, RedTube.com.mx and YouPorno.com.mx have been transferred to MindGeek after the adult entertainment conglomerate won its case over the names against a serial cybersquatter at WIPO.

MindGeek filed its dispute over the domain names against Baltimore resident Jesus Navarro Saracibar, who in the past two years has lost similar cases registering other famous brands using the .mx country-code top-level domain name, including Nike.mx and Redbull.com.mx.

MindGeek operates adult tube sites RedTube, Pornhub and YouPorn, and has registered trademarks for the brands in Mexico. 

Pornhub.com.mx, RedTube.com.mx and YouPorno.com.mx in recent months have each provided third-party links for adult dating and cam sites, presumably on a pay-per-click basis.

Earlier this month, a WIPO arbitrator ruled against Saracibar over the domain names, deciding that the names were identical or confusingly similar to the RedTube, Pornhub and YouPorn marks, that he did not have any legitimate rights or interests in the domain names, and that he registered and used them in bad faith.

The arbitrator ordered all three of the .mx sites transferred.