Swan Featured on BBC Website

Swan Featured on BBC Website

TORONTO — In a recently published article on the BBC website titled “Designers Shape Sex Toys of the Future,” the Swan Trumpeter served as an example of the evolution of sex toy design.

The mini-documentary follows Dr. Judith Glover, a course coordinator of the Industrial Design Program at the RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Glover is a professor who holds a PhD in Sex Toy Design and has created a program for RMIT Industrial Design students called the Future Sex Studio.

"Throughout the video, Dr. Glover goes on to speak about the past and ever-evolving view of how sex toys are being marketed a certain way," the company says. "She believes that since the adult industry has taken on the production of these products, they largely have a taboo because they represent genitalia. She goes on to say that there is a growing trend of certain manufacturers, while holding and showcasing the Swan Trumpeter, that have gone above and beyond to create a beautiful product that does not rely on this factor and instead relies on incredible design and functionality."

To learn more about the Swan Collection including the Swan Trumpeter, visit SwanVibes.com.

To view the video in its entirety, click here.