Young Swingers Week Featured in New Cosmopolitan Article

NEGRIL, Jamaica — Cosmopolitan Magazine reporter Anna Breslaw attended the Young Swingers Week event at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica with her boyfriend to see what would happen when they, a non-swinger couple, spent the week with swinger couples. And Breslaw's experiences are described in a new article for the June issue of Cosmopolitan.

According to Young Swingers Week, Breslaw's article "shows a bold move on the part of mainstream media to accept other lifestyle options that were once taboo as something that can be openly acceptable to write about."

Young Swingers Week, which takes place twice a year, is going into its fourth year. The next event is scheduled for Jul. 23-30, followed by an event from Mar. 18-25, 2017.

A representative said, "The upcoming Mar. 2017 event will be close to the range of 400 attendees. The size of the events grows as many attendees return yearly and more new attendees join the action."

July prices start at $187 per night per person, and March prices start at $228 per night per person.

For more information on Breslaw's Cosmopolitan article, visit this link.

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